Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Perfect Spanking

There never has been, nor will there ever be, a perfect spanking, or indeed a perfect fucking, portrayed in film or television for the simple reason that . however beautiful the couple, however artfully it is shot or staged, the fact is that what turns each of us on, the wonderful mystery of erotic arousal, is such a personal thing that what might work for one totally fails to do anything for another. Even down to the minutia of whether the girl was or was not wearing panties or at what stage in her punishment they were pulled down etc etc can make all the difference to a scene working or not to the voyeur at we all are when watching things of this nature .

I will however say that, for me at least, for a spanking to work it has to go way beyond seeing a bare bottom on the receiving end of a punitive hand. The psychology must be right; the build up that leads to the realisation that, yes that girl is asking to have her bottom smacked and he's getting the look of a man who's beginning to relish the idea. Depending on our gender and orientation, we need to feel the excitement or apprehension of the people acting this out for us, and to help us with this we need an idea of the relationship of the two people involved. I think it’s important that they should have the hots for each other in a big way, but ideally that until this moment it has not yet been acknowledged. So far nothing has ever happened between them, and this is the break through moment. The excitement, the arousal, of the first intimate contact between two people, and what is more intimate than having your bottom smacked, cannot be overstated. One minute their relationship is straight forward and dispassionate, and the next she’s across his knee with her skirt up and her knickers down. Even in these days of sexual laissez faire that's still quite exciting stuff

Let me go back for a second to the concept of the couple fancying each other. More important than this, we need to fancy them. It may be a punishment, but whether it's done in anger or affection, a spanking is a sexual turn on and if it doesn't make at least one of the parties (and us!) good and horny, something hasn't worked. If the girl has been teasing him and he's snapped, and the next thing she's wriggling and squirming across his knee while he’s giving her bare bottom a thorough spanking, when it's all over and she's allowed up, bright eyed and with unexpected moisture lubricating her naughty places, the whole thing will be something of a let down if the man looks like Jim Broadbent. Sorry Jim, much as I admire you as an actor you're not someone I fantasise about sharing fluids with.

Given all that, what do I think would be an ideal or particularly arousing spanking scenario, and have I ever seen it on a screen? Potentially there are lots, but I’ll suggest two to start with, and they are both where the girl on the receiving end positively encourages it. Let me just say that if any of you girls want to engineer either of the two scenarios that follow, from personal experience I can promise you that results are guaranteed!

The one I will suggest first will almost certainly popular with the men out there as it gives them licence to get away with murder. A sweet, pretty, and precocious girl is coming on to an older but very attractive man. He is flattered and massively aroused by this little mini skirted temptress, and of course she's put him fairly and squarely on the moral high ground. She’s tempting him with a sexual treat and he’s playing the part of the responsible adult and going through the motions of saying no. What possible choice has the man got when she tries to kiss him but to put the little brat across his knee and warn her that she’ll be spanked if she doesn’t agree to behave. Her skirt is short, her legs are slim, and he’s already turned on by having a good feel of her pert little bottom, and he’s praying that she won’t start being good too soon. Lucky man, she refuses to behave, so with all her clothing still in position he gives her a brisk spanking, making the two of them as horny as hell.

"Now will you behave?” He asks, but of course she won’t. She’s getting the sort of reaction from him she wants, and pinned across his knee, this is the most intimate contact she’s ever had with him and she wants more of it.

"Right!“ He says, now on even higher moral ground and knowing that he can get away with more or less anything. The more she misbehaves the hornier its making him and he can go a lot further. This time he pulls her skirt up, takes a good moment or two to feel her ripe little bottom while he warns her that it’s going to hurt, and this time spanks her properly. She yells and screams and threshes her lovely legs and he's so horny now he can hardly keep up the fiction that he‘s doing this as a punishment, but when he stops and says that maybe this time she’s leaned her lesson, she makes it plain that hasn’t.

Before it was fun, but this time it was painful which has made it dangerous and she likes it. She’s going for broke, whatever the consequences and so does he. This time he pulls her panties down and moral high ground or not, her young bare bottom is so delicious can't keep his hands off it, and of course he’s only doing this to get across to her that even thinking of having sex with him is out of the question. The spanking he gives her now has a new edge to it, but this time it doesn't last too long as he has other things on his mind. He pulls her up so she's sitting on his lap and demands to know exactly what he's going to have to do with her, but that's a foregone conclusion as she’s already kissing him again and he's kissing her back; off come the panties completely and I don't have to spell out the rest of it.

This is the concept of a spanking in a film from the nineteen seventies "The All American girl” I’ve only seen a short clip so I can’t confirm what happens to her after her second spanking, but my understanding is that she gets laid by the man punishing her for trying it on with him. Is it exactly as I have described above? Not that good of course, but as I said a the beginning, there is no such thing as the perfect spanking.

The other scenario I find massively arousing is when it is acknowledged by both a misbehaving girl and the man responsible for dealing with her that she has to be punished for whatever it was she did, but exactly but what sort of punishment is unclear. Suddenly the air between the two of them becomes electric when the girl, with all the innocence in the world, suggets that well , maybe he could give her a spanking?

This is done to perfection in a film called Blonde in Black Silk. (A film I have to get hold of from somewhere as there’s lots of sex in it.) Arcadia Lake has been caught out in some sexual misbehaviour (I think by a college tutor) and it looks as if suspension is on the cards.”Couldnt you find some other way to punish me?” She asks, her eyes huge pools of invitation, and all the while runing a finger up and down his leg. Apparently he can’t, but is interested in knowing what she has in mind. “Well I supose ......” The mixture of innocence and wantoness in her eyes alone is enough to give any red blooded man an erection. ”I suppose you could always spank me.”

She knows she’s giving a sexual invitation and he knows that’s what she’s doing, but it only helps to make it that much more arousing. I have to say that the spanking he gives her after this wonderful build up leaves a lot to be desired. Fair enough its across the knee and on her bare bottom, but in a film designed to tittilate its audience it’s a shame they didn’t do this as well as the lead in.

If you want to watch either of these clips they can be found on Chross Blogt, a site I would recomend to all of you as it’s probably both the most comprehensive and most professional spanking site on the web.

I’ll be posting articles soon on other film clips; will any of them be perfect? Regretably, no, but one day maybe I’ll find one.

N.B. All references in the above and in all other postings on this blog to ‘young girls’, ‘little brats’ etc are to girls over the age of eighteen.

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