Thursday, 23 August 2012


I have problems with my blogger and cannot upload images. The facility for doing so seems to have self destructed!

Apologies for absence of posts, and I will try and sort it out asap.



  1. I wish I knew how to help, I don't.

    A suggestion might be to start another blog, a throwaway one, just for the purpose of seeing if you can post a picture on that one.

    Another might be to try on another computer to post a pic on this site.

    These things might help you troubleshoot where the problem lies.

    I hope you are able to sort it soon. It must be aggravating for you :(

    amber xxx

  2. Thanks for the moral support, Amber. I was about to send out a request for techniicl help then I found my blogger was back to normal, just as if it had never misbehaved; just like when one of my cats comes wandering in having been absent for twenty four hours and had me worried sick.

    Will try and make up for a thin couple of weeks next week.



  3. L

    well bugger that, a technical term you will understand

    however it is surprising how these 'it' things can be sorted out - however, overall, just not reliable

    as ever Amber inspires one, despite her being generally so naughty - what a wheeze if WE could post pictures from our computers - just one each mustn't get out of hand

    think about it - and there could be points and that means prizes . . .