Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The bastard! The absolute bloody bastard! It’s my twentieth birthday and my party with all my friends her here and he’s arranged a kissogram man to come and make a fool of me in front of everyone. In fact, I could see it was going to be even worse than that. 

 “Apparently there’s a very naughty girl here called Lucy who’s in need of a good spanking. Would one of you kindly point her out so I can go and have a word?"

 Shrieks of merriment all round, a positive eruption, and glaring across at John I can see the smirk of satisfaction on his face. He’d arranged this, no question, just to get back at me for not staying over the last couple of time’s we’d been out, and I knew that if I made a scene in front of everyone it would just make me look like someone without any sense of humour so I’m stuck with it 

 “That’s Lucy!” Miranda tells him the look on her face as transparent as that on John’s. She’s been secretly jealous of me for ages and wants to watch me being made a fool of as well 

 “Ahh! So you’re Lucy are you?” The kissogram man or whatever you call him is approaching me with a twisted smile on his lips and I have to admit that if it wasn’t for these circumstances I would really fancy him. Straw coloured hair, tight designer jeans, but no shirt and a torso it would be a pleasure to lick, but right now I can’t think of that as I'm too busy putting on brave face.

“Apparently you’ve been a very naughty girl recently and everyone here thinks that a good spanking is exactly what you need. That’s right everybody isn’t it?” 

 A positive howl of agreement goes up and looking round its hard to tell whose keener to watch me being spanked, the men for all the obvious reasons or my alleged female friends who by the look of them can’t wait to see me having my bottom smacked like a naughty girl. I want to turn tail and storm out, but social conditioning keeps me rooted to the spot, but when the dishy man asks me to admit just what a naughty girl I’ve been I’m struck completely dumb unable to say a word in front of all those staring people. 

In desperation I grab a drink and throw it down and feel its welcoming rush on top of what I’ve had already giving me some token courage. 

“Come on Lucy!” He cajoles urging me to play along. “I’ve been hearing some really bad things about you. Why don’t you own up?”

There’s another drink within reach and I grab that as well and throw it back and it’s enough to free my tongue. “I’ve probably much worse than you’ve even heard.” I mutter, “We quiet ones are always the worst.” 

 “That’s what I suspected so let’s spank out some of that naughtiness shall we.” 

 Someone has positioned a chair right behind him and he tales me by the writs and the reality of what’s about to happen fully hits me and I feel my whole body stiffen with a mixture of fear and some strange excitement. The accumulated alcohol is now doing its job properly and my anger at John is blended with other emotions entirely. This man is quite gorgeous and he’s about to put me over his knee, and forgetting the fact that I’m going to have some jeering audience the idea is suddenly very arousing. I am in fact as far from being a naughty girl as you can get, and my sex life with John, such as it is, is as bland as it gets, and this ritual humiliation has lit a spark I didn’t even know was there. 

 “You’re not going to struggle are you he says, and I give him an answer he doesn’t expect. “Of course not, Sir.” But he recovers in an instant and the next thing he’s got me over his knee and I can feel a growl of approval go up from the men.

I may be a good girl, but I’m a good girl who happens to be rather gorgeous with a sensational figure and legs to die for;

I’m normally a quiet dresser but this being a party for once I’m wearing particularly short dress and I’ve felt the men staring at my bottom and legs since the beginning and now they are all getting a treat they never could have expected when they turned up.

Bent face down over the man’s knee like this I know that it will scarcely be covering my panties and everyone here will be getting quite an eyeful. That this is the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me is beyond all argument, but that very fact is giving it some perverse edge and although I’ve reached a point where I don’t care that everyone is watching, a big part of me wishes that this was happening in private, just me and this hunky spankogram man who is unambiguously taking great pleasure feeling me bottom through the thin fabric of my dress. 

 “When you were last spanked, Lucy?” He asks, carefully fondling me so as to make my dress slide up a tad and almost certainly bringing a glimpse of my skimpy panties into view.

“I’ve never been spanked.” I answer, and as with my face down like this I can’t see anybodies face it releases some of my inhibitions, but even so I can hardly believe what I say next. “Maybe it’s long overdue.”

 The noise that answers this is a mixture of laughter and something else entirely, and although I’m more concerned about what is going to happen to me, I’m wondering how John is reacting to all this. He’s arranged this whole charade just to humiliate me and he might just be wondering if it’s all going to backfire on him.

 “Yes, maybe it is.” The man says and the tips of his fingers are now getting dangerously close to my most intimate places and I give an involuntary jerk. Choosing to interpret this as a struggle he gathers up my hands into the small of my back and tells me that I mustn’t try to escape or he will simply spank me that much harder. In doing so he has managed to shrug my dress up fraction further and I suspect that maybe as much as half of my panty clad bottom is now in the public domain, and I know that even before my punishment has started that I’m giving my assembled friends a show they will be locking away in their minds for some time.

“Well, as it’s your first time,” He goes on, clearly taking enormous pleasure in exploring my upturned and half naked bottom “Let’s make it memorable!” 

 In a second the first slap has landed, not hard but sharp and to the point and although it stings it’s almost a relief after this build up. It’s followed by a second and a third, a quiet steady rhythm of spanks on my not quite bare bottom and I really don’t know how I feel. Such a mixture of strange and new sensations and emotions are coursing rough me I don’t know how to deal with them.

A gorgeous man is spanking me over his knee in front of all my friends and it’s demeaning and humiliating but weirdly exciting and pleasurable all at the same time. The pain is not an issue, a warm stinging in my buttocks, but its lighting dormant fires there and the glow of it is leaching down through the whole of my body. I’m still trying to come to terms with this when there’s a change so slight that the assembled people will probably have not noticed but he’s giving his spanks a subtle new edge and as each one lands there’s a new sharpness to it and I realise I’m letting out little yelps and gasps.

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An entirely new ripple of something is taking hold, whirling round from the epicentre of me and for a moment I give myself into it completely, forgetting entirely that this is happening in front of all my friends and wallow in the a glorious glow of arousal that is beginning to fill me. What’s going on I don’t know but I know I want more of it and involuntarily I’m arching my buttocks upward a fraction to meet his punishing hand. I’m however familiar enough with this feeling to guess that I am probably anointing the gusset of my panties but I don’t even care as this is so sublimely pleasurable I don’t want to waste a drop of it.

He pauses and feels my bottom as if to test how hot it is and directs his attention to the party guests who no doubt are also reacting in all sorts of different ways to watching a pretty twenty year old being given a public over the knee spanking. 

“Shall we do this properly?” He asks them, and they roar that he should, and the next thing my dress is pulled right up to the small of my back so now my panty clad bottom is on full public display and for a second they are silenced by the sight. No point in pretending I don’t have a derriere that would put some lingerie models to shame and I know that under the guises of having a good laugh a good number of them will now be getting seriously horny and I wonder what how many fucks and sucks and fondles will be happening later tonight fuelled by seeing bits of me that I normally keep well hidden from the public eye.

I let out a token squeal of horror and protest, but in fact I’m now so turned on I want to be made an exhibition of and be the star in a sex show that will leave everyone rampant for days afterwards. From what can hear some of the men are so wound up by watching they are forgetting to pretend that this is just a joke and I woudn’t be surprised if half of them had already taken their cocks out,

and I’m revelling in the idea that the men will still be wanking over the memory of this in a week’s time as indeed I might well be. 

When the man hooks his fingers into the waistband of my panties and I realise that he’s going to pull them down so everyone of my assembled friends will be able to see my bare bottom and very likely even more intimate bits of me, I don’t make any move to stop him but simply hold my breath in anticipation. (To be continued...)


  1. Do they actually have spankograms for women? I think they have them for men but I've never heard of them for women.

    That is a serious hot piece of writing Liz....roll on part two :)

  2. No spankograms for girls? How unfair! I can clearly see a new niche in the market.

    Anyway glad you are enjoying this so far. Have just posted the second part and will give you the final section shortly.


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