Friday, 31 August 2012

What happens next?

We all know about preparing a girl for that spanking she’s been asking for,

And naturally we all know about how to administer the spanking itself,

And we all know about that moment after the spanking is all over.

But what about after that? 

 Oh yes! It’s time to rub in some baby powder!


  1. Don't forget the kisses and caresses first to make that lovely blushing bottom feel better, then babydoll can be powdered and cuddled. Must have attention to details! Post spanking affection and pleasing keeps darling naughty and asking for more... (spanking or loving affection? ...both!) ...and this naughty devil can never decide which is more fun and must repeat this process frequently! =;)

  2. L

    thanks for the tutorial a chap needs gudance sometimes - i am taken with the second one down, the half and half position does seem to give access for occasional 'rewards' as the punishment continues


  3. Easy as 1,2,3. One observation though the application of baby powder can also enhance that spanking. Powdered palm sliding easily over bottom like a pool cue sliding through fingers.