Thursday, 30 August 2012

Spankogram- Continued

……..When the man hooks his fingers into the waistband of my panties and I realise that he’s going to pull them down so everyone of my assembled friends will be able to see my bare bottom and very likely even more intimate bits of me, I don’t make any move to stop him but simply hold my breath in anticipation.

Now instead of noise, there was a collective hush and I could even hear their sudden indrawn breath. Subjecting a young twenty year old to a fun spanking, even with her dress pulled up so they could all see just what sort of skimpy panties she was wearing, was one thing,
pulling them down and exposing her most intimate places was something else entirely and the confusion in the room was palpable. They were now voyeurs at a road accident, knowing they should be helping or moving on but in fact unable to stop staring and rigid with anticipation. 

 John was the first to break the silence and took a pace forward and started to mutter something, his joke at my expense no longer a joke as in front of his eyes the person he considered to be his girlfriend was being far too compliant, and in fact was giving out signals that she was enjoying being made a spectacle of. 

The man paused and I could feel that he was waiting for a signal from the collective guests. Should he take this to the next stage and pull my knickers down, or call a halt now, but being not merely slightly drunk but as aroused as I could ever remember I wanted to see this through. And if it pissed off John then so much the better. 

 It was Miranda who broke the tension, her voice slurred from whatever she had been drinking but its edge of dislike still audible. 
“Go on! Pull them right down. Really give it to her.” 

 It cut right through the spell, and almost immediately another voice called out something similar and the next thing a positive roar was going up encouraging this man to pull my knickers down and really spank me. It was crowd mentality gone mad and suddenly this wasn’t a civilised party but a Roman orgy and I was to be the sacrifice. Catching the mood the man gave my bottom a little pat and then made a great show of pulling my panties down inch by lascivious inch till they were at mid thigh,

and underneath me his latent erection which I had been able to feel throughout gave a jerk as it grew to full hardness.

“Are you ready?” He asked me his hand circling my now bare bottom and I grunted some sort of affirmative and the next thing a positive rain of spanks was anointing my bare flesh with a solid steady rhythm, each one making me gasp and squeal and each one lighting a new fire.

For a few minutes I forgot everything. I was across the knee of a delicious man with my knickers down and he was soundly spanking my bare bottom and it was quite the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me,

and if all my so called friends were watching then fortunately I was just drunk enough to be getting some perverse pleasure from that as well.

It seemed that all this time, deep inside Lucy, the quiet girl who never misbehaved or did anything to draw attention to herself,
was a crimson harlot I didn’t even know about and this man was spanking her out of me.

By now the inexorable rhythm of his hand was taking its toll and the fire in my bottom now burning dangerously close to getting out of control . The pain that so far had been hiding in the background was making itself felt and involuntarily I could feel my whole body jerking and my legs scissoring in protest.

Mercifully the man saw that he had taken things as far as he dared and he ceased his attentions and bent his face down to mine. 

"Have you learned your lesson, Lucy?” He asked me. "Are you going to be a good little girl from now on?”

 “Oh yes, Sir!” I called out, scarcely aware of who I was or what was going on. “I really will!” 

 “See that you do!” He said and brought me round so I was sitting his lap, my panties still round my thighs. Fully aware that everyone’s eyes were on me I wrapped my arms round his neck and looked him deep in the eye

 “Thank you for giving me what I deserved, Sir.” I said, and then I was kissing him, as deeply and passionately as I could, both for my own benefit and for all the gawping guests.

(To be continued)


  1. Sir Stephen is right. This is a serious hot piece of writing.

    I think one of the reasons I find it so hot is that I am a bit of a reluctant exhibitionist.

    The thought of something like this acutally happening is terrifying. It would be so embarrassing and humiliating. Yet.... wow how exciting would that be!

    The few times I have been spanked in public (other than an occasional swat in a store or somewheres like that) it has been well away from where we live with virtually no chance of anyone we know seeing and it was never bare but over bikini, jeans, panties once when I had a skirt on. Also, because we didn't want to take the chance of authorities being alerted, we left pretty quickly.

    This was fine by me because as embarrassing as it was, it was also so arousing that the sooner we were alone the better!

    As great as all your entries on this site are, this story is well up there with one of the best I have read so far and it's still has more to come :D(and I still have so much more to go thru).

    amber xxx

  2. "Reluctant?" Somehow doubt that!

    Anyway so long as I'm keeping you entertained(And aroused) that's all that matters.


  3. hmm I think you are right that reluctant might be the wrong word (at least most of the time).

    In circumstances like these tho, at the time, I am thinking noooo, how truly embarrassing that people are seeing me like that... so maybe a little reluctant at first until the arousal takes over ;)

    amber xxx