Sunday, 5 August 2012

There's a moral here somewhere

If you’re the sort of girl who dreams of getting away from the drab respectability of your daily life,

so starts to misbehave and do naughty things in the play ground,

there‘s good chance that when you get older you could turn into the sort of girl who does things that she shouldn’t with your friend’s fathers,

Which could easily lead to your becoming the sort of girl who can only earn her living by being naughty and having to do all sorts of distasteful things to earn her living,

Like having sex with beautiful muscular men with lots of money,

And having nothing to do all day except hang about in luxurious bedrooms with little on simply waiting for someone to come and pleasure your  body and shower you with gifts.


And of course ultimately going to the devil for your sins.

You don’t want that do you!

So much better if when you are young you are caught early,

soundly spanked by Mad Aunt Sophie who went the same way herself,

made to take your own knickers down for a long caning by your teacher while being given along lecture about proper behaviour,

strapped with your knickers right off by the headmaster who has been keeping a close eye on you,

and taken over the knee of any other responsible adult who sees that you might be going to the bad, naturally stripping you naked first as a reminder of why they have to do this.

That way you have a much better chance of growing up into a nice quiet well behaved girl like Elizabeth!


  1. But naughty devils absolutely love your naughtiness and are waiting to take you over the knee for eternal spankings and other assorted wicked pleasures with your panties down so yes, you do want that, now don't you my dear? =;)

    PS As always with each post, thank you Liz for encouraging this naughty devil's wickedly incorrigible imagination! You're my favorite amusing naughty angel!

  2. But this of course would all be done for your own good Elizabeth.
    We must endeavour to keep you on the straight and narrow. ( So many female bottoms, so little time, (sigh) ) :) xx

  3. L

    the 'a long caning' caption - i think not, you are usually so fastiduous but then what do i know 'tis a birch for which to give or receive depending one's inclination, i believe - but with a fastened end, odd perhaps Amber knows more . . .

    ah, yes 'so many - so little'


  4. J, that's one of the few things we haven't tried... a birch. Perhaps it's about time we did?

    Good for mad aunt sophie trying her best to help :D

    Hmm quiet behaved.. I think we all know better than that Liz ;)

    amber xxx

  5. ah, good we have, well you have Amber, opened up a birching debate/discussion opportunity


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