Monday, 6 August 2012


Oh dear! There are times when you know that you have stepped just that bit too far out of line and the significant other in your life has no choice but to take you over the knee and remind you just how a nice girl should behave.

Does knowing that you deserve it make it make you any less nervous as he peels down your panties and gets good and ready to give you the sort of spanking the two of you will still be talking about in bed next week? Of course not, but you brought it on yourself so you’re in no position to complain.

There is an answer of course and that is to be a good girl all the time and give him no excuse.

But where’s the fun in that?


  1. Agreed completely. Best to just take the spankings and keep trying to find JUST where that fine line to cross is ;)

    amber xxx

  2. No fun in being good, whatever :)


    Having used a birch I can only say if you use it indoors you will end up picking up birch twigs from various nooks and crannies in the room for the next month. The birch has a tendency to break off whilst being used and the pieces to fly everywhere.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Since there is nothing but cactus around, I doubt we will be experimenting with a birch anytime soon, but I will try to remember that it is an outdoor practice when we do :)

  3. Everyone - no' no' no one must soak a birch and have several 'curing' in the bath for instant use

    the marinade - well water of course but a vinegar cocktail can have interesting results, i unsderstand that is

    wake up at the back there Amber


  4. Thanks for the info J, but gee, you make it seem like a lot of work for a few minutes of fun.

    Maybe, we will give it a pass if it is that involved, or maybe just give it a try outside.

    Oh well, either way, it wont be anytime soon as I doubt a cactus would make a good birch