Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Holiday pics

I’m back, not yet completely together but sort of coming round to normal life(Whatever normal might be in the strange world I occupy!) As I currently don’t have time to tell you about my short holiday, I though I’d just give you some pics as a flavour of what it was all about. Proper posting shortly! ( I promise!)

Me checking my sun tan.

Auditioning for the talent show.

With my friend Charlotte, finding out that the “No trespassing” sign really meant what it said!

With my friend Charlotte comparing botties afterwards.

Me surprised by the Manager having stupidly left the bathroom door unlocked.

The manager explaining that, yes, I had been careless but he wasn’t at all cross and would be quite happy to make sure he was always around when I had a bath, to make sure no one else barged in on me.

The manager’s wife giving me her own take on the situation.

The maid who tidied my room each day.

Me showing the maid my appreciation for looking after me so nicely.

The maid showing me her appreciation for my appreciation.(There are more in this series but I’m not sure I should make them public.)

Me playing pin the tail on the donkey.

The one day it rained.

Me and Charlotte paying forfeits with the other guests. ( I don’t know why but we seemed to be very much in demand for this.)

Enjoying the fresh air.

Me a letting one of the other guests share my shower as apparently his had broken.

Me (how embarrassing ) coming bottom in the optional first aid course.

The man who thinks he’s my boyfriend asking me about all the fun times I had while I was away and expressing certain opinions.

The other man who thinks he’s my boyfriend asking me about all the fun times I had while I was away and expressing certain opinions.

Ho hum. The simple pleasures of going away. Still, it's nice to be back!


  1. So nice to go away, but so lovely to be back. Welcome back Liz :) xx

  2. I can picture you in each of the described scenes.

    So glad you are back as I know everyone else is. 10 days without a new post is like an eternity.

    amber xxx

  3. i agree but to be abondoned in this way - don't you have some sort of remote access to keep us topped up

    perhaps some sort of peruasive stimulation i caslled for - i can hear the swish already



  4. caslled ? ?

    you see what you do to a fellow



  5. i'm timed in my last message at 02:03

    what are you playing at or where are you really it's 10:03 in this hemisphere . . .