Friday, 15 April 2011

And so to bed........

Having expressed my opinion on the subject of Over the Knee -v -Over the Desk spankings, I seemed to have completely overlooked a favourite choice of those for whom spanking and sex are so closely related, and that of course is the over the bed option. The position is similar to over the desk, but in concept a different animal altogether. Let's face it, being told, “Wait for me in the study and prepare yourself for being punished,” paints a very different picture from, “Wait for me in the bedroom and prepare yourself for being punished." Bedroom spankings tend to take place at bed time, and bedtime is when people tend to go to bed, so getting ready to be punished in this way generally means putting on appropriate garments for other night time activities and this could mean the simplicity of a short tee shirt, or a wispy nightdress, or maybe stripping oneself completely naked. Whatever it is you have or have not adorned yourself in, when he comes in to punish you he can see that your body is sweetly available and your eyes are already full of bedtime promise. And having submitted to the mixed pain and pleasure of having your naked bottom spanked and caressed, and of course having expressed your contrition and made appropriate promises, then there is the joy of making up time. Traditionally after a spanking from their lover, girls are forgiven and kissed and loved, and if that takes place in a tumble of sheets and bedclothes while their interesting parts are still glowing and naked and available, then so much the better and of course that much more likely to conclude with a serious exchange of fluids. And if in your case it doesn't, it's not your sheets you should be changing but your boyfriend!

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