Tuesday, 12 April 2011

May Blog of the Month

The ever delightful Miss Pink of The Pink Report has kindly nominated Sexuelle as Blog of the Month for May with The Spanking Bloggers Network. (An accolade she has justifiably earned in the past herself.) Should you be of the same opinion and would like to cast your vote, then I would of course be endlessly grateful. How I would be able to demonstrate my appreciation I'm not sure, but no doubt at least some of you might have some ideas on that! Liz


  1. What do I get for nominating AND voting for you, Liz? ;)

  2. Oh Dear! What a difficult question. Maybe a good spanking for reading naughty blogs like mine, followed by some all over kissing for being so nice to me.

    You shouldn't ask questions like that to a girl who has a weakness for her own sex.