Monday, 11 April 2011

Why do men so love to spank us?

Why do men so enjoy spanking us? This is a question I have written about in the past, but I always come up with the same problem that there is simply so much to say that there is a danger of loosing all threads and going off down so many tangents that I might never find my way back. A while ago a man friend of mine did seem to put his finger on it (no pun intended) when he said that men threaten girls with a spanking for the same reason that since the beginning of time schoolboys have pulled girl’s hair in the playground. When early sexual stirrings are confused and unacknowledged, it is a way of setting off an erotic a tension between the two people in question and to give an excuse for some physical contact, no matter however crude that contact might be. “Think of it, “ He said. “There’s this gorgeous little creature tripping round your office every day in a skimpy tee shirt and a tiny little skirt. She’s making you feel so horny you can barely cope with it, and what you can’t do is to say ‘I’d love to tip you backwards on my desk and thrust my tongue up your knicker leg,’ so instead you find some excuse to tell her she’s an inch away from being given a spanking. She blushes, the chances are that you do as well, and for a second both of you have an image in your minds of her pinned over your knee with her skirt up and her panties down round her thighs. She’s under your control, you can see her bare bottom, you can even fondle her bare bottom, and while she’s like that, within reason you can do to her what you want.” He was so right. No question about that, but the subject is so complex it goes so much further. At least part of it is, or can be, about getting the opportunity , however slim to touch feel and generally misbehave and make free with the secret places a girl otherwise keeps hidden under her skirt. If the girl is not your lover, then this is giving you back door entry to somewhere otherwise denied to you and the world at large. But bearing in mind that for so many men simply saying “I have a good mind to put you across my knee young lady and give you a damn good spanking” is enough on its own to have their cock doing a dance in their pants, there is something far more deep rooted than the mere opportunity to expose and fondle. Personally I think its essence is tied up in the power balance and deep rooted folk memories of the absolute right that authority figures from half a century ago had to control and punish. From the beginning of civilization until not that long ago parents and teachers and even employers could routinely up end expose and spank miscreant girls, and when in modern times a man takes a an educated sophisticated girl over his knee, willingly or not, she is being turned into a scruffy little schoolgirl who needs to be taught a lesson. If she screams and fights he gets one sort of excitement from it, and if she squeals and wriggles because she’s loving it he gets another. But as I keep saying, there’s more to it than that, and every new thread leads to another one. There is the whole subject of pleasure through inflicting pain , and of course there are the separate but related fetishes such as short skirts and stockings.(I’ve found that, although not all, a huge big majority of men who enjoy spanking their girlfriends like them to dress this way for it.) And of course, the big one, why do so many of us girls get a buzz when our boyfriends decide it’s time we are given a good smacked bottom? For us it hurts, but still we seem to like it. So much to say it could be a subject for a book in its own right. But, as always, in the dark times in which we live, anything that gives pleasure , especially sexual pleasure has to be a good thing. Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and do postings on as may different aspects of the subject I can think of. I suspect it’s going to keep me busy.


  1. A very good question and one that I have asked myself many times. Danged if I can answer it, though I could talk about it for some time without getting bored! It's just so exciting to watch a girl squirming and kicking, squealing and struggling; I'm having an EFFECT on her! An effect she's going to remember. And then there's the strong contact with her soft flesh. I think almost every girl likes the sensation of a man's hand smacking her arse, though she may not say so, and the man certainly likes it.

    I often ask my wife, "Why is it that females are so delicious to touch?"
    She hasn't the faintest idea of course.

  2. Thank you Malcolm. As you say, we could talk about it for some time. Such an enjoyable subject!


  3. Spanking is an icebreaker. It is a universal language that men and women of any culture or generation understand. It cuts through games and getting down to business.

    Over half a century ago, when I was a teenager, I spanked a seductress old enough to have been my mother. At the time, I knew she needed it. After a frank and explicit discussion about behaviors, implements, panties, and positions, she agreed to take a bare bottom strapping with man's leather belt over my lap if we did it in the back bedroom with the door shut. Even if the arrangement only offered the illusion of privacy, that was important to her.

    During the process of both the preceding dialogue and subsequent spanking, I got to know this woman more intimately than would have ever been possible through sex alone. As it turned out, after finding out I was serious, she was thoroughly cooperative even though she obviously knew the spanking was going to hurt.

    Much to my surprise, this grown woman actually rubbed her bottom and had tears in her eyes when it was over. Until that moment, I had no idea how effective a spanking could be in curbing a woman's attitude and behavior!

    Once the stinging subsided. she even went so far as to admit that I was more of a man than her husband had been. It also turned out that it was the first real spanking she'd had since she was a teenager! She seemed to feel better after it was over. By the time I left, she was smiling and thanked me.

    As the story from my youth illustrates, men spanking women is often the equivalent of yin and yang. If a man wants to do it and the woman knows it needs to be done, the two agendas coincide. The result is harmony.

    At times, just dropping the s-word into a conversation can get a woman's attention like nothing else. It can say, "I care," in a way that words often cannot express.

    Back when my wife and I first began dating, I had been present when her mother all but promised to spank my then girlfriend for coming home late from one of our dates.

    A few dates later, I asked my girlfriend how she felt at her age to take a spanking from her mother . She admitted the worst part was to be told she was going to get spanked and knowing she couldn't get out of it.

    Then, after some awkward preliminaries, she said the rest more or less came naturally. After a lecture, she got it with a hairbrush on her bare bottom and cried. Nonetheless, she knew her mother cared.

    Eventually, as young love goes, the time came when I told my then girlfriend that she need to be spanked. Much like the woman that seduced me years earlier, my girlfriend had her objections. By this time, I learned that women a woman's protests aren't intended so much to get out of being spanked as from a need to get her mental ducks in a row before submitting to the disciplining. It was what my girlfriend called the awkward preliminaries.

    As was the case with the older woman, my girlfriend didn't object to getting spanked on her bare bottom. In both cases it was as if it was expected.

    Only my girlfriend confessed that it hurt a whole lot more than she expected. Still, she took it in stride. She'd been taught by her mother how to take a spanking!

    Later she told me she'd been waiting for a boyfriend to spank her. As it turned out, she'd been disappointed other suitors didn't at least put her over their laps and spank the seat of her skirt after she provoke them.

    Afterwards, I felt satisfied. As was the case with the older woman, I knew I had done the right thing at the right time for the right reason. My reward with my girlfriend and later wife was a satisfying and long-lasting relationship.