Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beware of the pants up spanking

I’m going to say something that might sound odd, but I promise you that being spanked with one’s knickers still firmly in place is a lot more painful than being spanked with them pulled down. Let me explain my thought processes. I’m sure the following exchange will sound familiar to most of you. “I think you’ve been a bad girl and you need to be taught a lesson. You know what I’m going to have to do, don’t you?” “Oh dear.....! What?” “Your going across my knee…..” “Please no!” “And I’m going to take down your knickers and spank you!” “No! Not with my knickers down!” “Oh yes! On your bare bottom young lady. Now come here” Now we all know that what ever choice of panties, thong, briefs or otherwise any girl under the age of ninety wears these days, they are likley to at very least brief, more likely super-tiny, and of course gossamer thin. Keeping them on during a spanking will not make a scrap of difference to how painful it is, the lesson of every sting and thwack just as evident as if they were down or pulled off completely. But as we all know that’s not the point. The point is that pulling them down and reducing the poor girl to nothing but a naughty child is half the fun, and if you are in a relationship that features regular spankings it’s because it makes your sex life just that bit more exciting. Whether you are the one who punishes or the one who struggles and squeals, those preliminary words, “I think your behaviour calls for a good spanking …….” On their own can be enough get the two of you melting inside and knowing that the next half hour is likely to be fun and exciting. And if a hint of sadism is involved, then there will be the added ingredient of danger ….. So what I am leading to is that when a spanking involves no ritual or preamble and he can’t even be bothered to pull your knickers down, it’s most likely to happen when he really is annoyed and it’s nothing to do with making the two of you horny. In those cases it’s likely to be brief but horribly thorough, and I hope for both of you that such situations hardly ever occur. So let's go back to first principals and remind ourselves of the Ivory Tower we occupy in our heads where sex is always sublime and orgasms lengthy and simultaneous. The closer we can make our actual erotic lives resemble that steamy swamp in our imagination the happier we are all likely to be. And if that means putting on those big eyes of yours and whispering those incendiary words, “I’ve been such a naughty girl. I think you might have to take down my knickers and spank me…..” then so much the better.


  1. 1) Based on the content on SEXUELLE, I firmly believe the author, Elizabeth Forster, is a man.

    2) He/she rips off pictures without bothering to give credit. I know for a fact that the first picture on this post is mine, because I took it.

  2. Oh dear! I seemed to have annoyed you.

    As to my gender, what I can't do is what Jesus said to Doubting Thomas, namely 'If you don't believe, put your fingers in the holes.' That far I'm not prepared to go. Equally there is little point in getting into a 'Methinks the lady doth protest too much' situation, so you will simply have to take my word for it that I'm 100 percent female and feminine. A chosen few of my correspondents have seen a photograph of me, but I don't make free with them as I am keen to preserve my privacy.

    On the subject of 'ripping off' since I started this blog and taken an interest in the blogs posted by other people it is clear that images are borrowed and shunted around endlessly. Time and again I find an image I have posted being used on someone else's site within twenty four hours.

    Having said that, I have no wish to annoy you or anybody else, and hopefully I will not use any of your images again. And for what it's worth, it's a great picture!

  3. I love both of your blogs.
    Elizabeth: I do not need to see your picture to know that you are female. No male could write the way you do with the feeling and passion and understanding that you have of a spanking. What man could ever immagine this line of brilliant prose: "The closer we can make our actual erotic lives resemble that steamy swamp in our imagination the happier we are all likely to be." Magnificent!! Cheers!!

  4. L

    ha there was i saying no 'filtre' on your message board and bang, smack, wallop you are mugged by a rather rude fellow

    and then you polish his/her (one can never tell) conceit by explaining at length - where did i read 'never explain, never apogise'

    well, no, an apolgy where reasonable justified perhaps but oh the fellow was so stressed well let's hope we hear no more from that quarter

    so back to our interests - thanks for another feast and a while ago you promised to think about requests or suggestions or ideas - uniforms, uniforms, uniforms, uniforms - i say no more and now keep a low profile


  5. Thank you both for your support in a big way. It's nice to have friends when under attack. And of course I'm glad my prose is appreciated. I will try to keep up the standard.

    And J, it seems almost impossible to track down the origin of "Never aplogise, never explain" but clearly pre-dating it we have "Pardon Caesar; Caesar pardon?" (Julias Caesar Act 3 Scene1)

    Now uniforms. Hmm! Haven't really thought about those. I'll have to see what I can do.


  6. Heavens, could you imagine how much time each post would take were we to follow the cold trail of each photo to its original source?

    Unless they are clearly marked, most photos I come across are of unknown origin and, like you, see them posted elsewhere shortly after I put them up.

    Notice that the commenter (with all due respect to Bogey) does not source the majority of his photos on his blog. No fault to him -- he just doesn't know where they come from.

    As far as your gender, it makes no matter. While I have never doubted your femininity (you know things about women a man could not), your poetic language appeals to both sexes. Perhaps the forthright nature with which you write is more common among men, but I salute your directness.

    No need to check for holes. :P

  7. Dear Pink,

    Thank you for your continuing support. I agree with every word.

    And in your case, well if you wanted to do a little forensic testing.......


  8. Back to the issue being discussed - knickers up or down. Having played with a new lady this week and had the privilege to administer a knickers up spanking, I'm sure you're correct. What I found myself doing was concentrating only on the exposed lower half of each cheek. I ignored the regions partially covered by the skimpy, lace patterned briefs. The result was a lovely, red glow just above the horizon between thigh and bottom. It was rather like viewing twin sunsets! A delightful afternoon