Wednesday, 6 April 2011

In my mind.....

As you can imagine, to run this blog it has been necessary for me to collect quite a collection of erotic images of every sort, many ethereal and pleasing, some amusing and eccentric and a few boarderline distasteful that I'll probably hang on to for a while in case I change my mind about them and find they fill a gap. I try and work on the basis that if something does not please or arouse me then it won't do the same for you, and despite occasionally giving you images that are very explicit, I hope I've never published anything that I would call nasty. Those of you who have become familiar with my postings know that at heart I am a romantic, a candlelight and perfume sort of girl who loves to be wooed and seduced, even if in addition I enjoy being put in my place occasionally. The image here is one that particularly pleases me and one I have kept going back to look at for the sheer pleasure of it. Despite its not showing the girl's face, it still has a distinct quality of trembling innocence to it. The short black dress, the lovely legs and of course the addition of a tie giving the whole thing a schoolgirl quality has together conjured an image of what this girl looks like. In my mind she is a dark haired and very young with large doe eyes and a soft mouth. She is staring ahead uncertainly, scarcely able to believe that in the last few years she has become this beautiful creature that no man in the room can keep his eyes from. It's probably just as well that we can’t actually see her as I would guess that the reality could not possibly match what I have imagined.


  1. You do have wonderful kinky taste in photos, it must be said ;-)

    I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.

    Best wishes,

    Paolo in Dublin

  2. "Trembling innocence" - delicious!

  3. Hullo Paolo and Dean. So glad you like this as it is one of my favourites.

    I'll try and keep up the standard.