Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Uniforms (By request)

One of my regular correspondents (You know who you are, James; your anonymity is safe with me.) put in a request for uniforms, uniforms, uniforms.

Now I know I'm often slow on the uptake, but gradually it got through to me that what he probably wanted to see was pictures of pretty young girls in uniforms having their naughty bare bottoms spanked. Of course he has to be in a minority of one as I cannot imagine that anybody else reading this blog would be remotely interested in seeing such images. Who else would want to look at a collection comely wenches with their knickers down, struggling and squealing in protest as their pretty bottoms were spanked by displeased superiors.

Oh I see! A few of you wouldn't mind having a quick look before you settle down for the evening with your boxed set of The Best of The Two Ronnies .

Very well then; here's a couple of French maids for you,

a nurse or two,

and a pair of air hostesses learning the error of their ways.

While we’re at it, let me give you a couple of girls being punished by security guards,

And to finish , a young girl getting a good smacked bottom from a nun.(Well it’s a uniform of sorts.)

Always happy when I can give the troops what they want!


  1. What was it that has been said? An army marches on its stomach, this is the spanking equivalent.

    Comely wenches with their knickers down getting soundly spanked.

    Gosh I'm full, whats for dessert Liz ? :)

  2. I forgot to put my name on that last comment.


  3. Excellent collection of girls being spanked in uniforms. Thanks so much for the eye candy.
    PS I purchased Educating Anna for my Kindle so I can enjoy your writing anytime.

  4. Oh Sir Stepen, I can see what gets you going! I'll have to remember it

    And Joeyred, thank you so much for buying my book. I think that you will find that it gives a far beter idea of where I am coming from erotically than my postings on the blog.

    I have to warn you that there are a good handful of editing issues, but nothing that should spoil it for you.

    Any feed back gratefully received.

    Thanks again

  5. I've always loved that drawing of a schoolgirl getting a bare-bottom spanking from a nun. The sister seems quite oblivious to the fact that the girl is thoroughly enjoying herself!


    Carla Marie

  6. I am really enjoying Educating Anna. What is the best way to provide feedback?

  7. L

    what can a chap say - a glut, a positive abundance of uniforms

    all i need now is a serving of foie gras and the playing of tumpets - ah, heaven

    well actually i do know what to say - 'thank you'

    ah, happiness


  8. Dear J, you have to remember that had it not been for your comment, this posting would not have happened. It's all down to you.

    And Joeyred, so glad to hear that you are enjoying the book. As erotic books are not reviewed in the mainstream press is is so hard at times to know how people are reacting to it.

    A while ago I opened a temporary Hotmail account so people could make contributions to the blog, so if you feel like sending me an e-mail with your thoughts on Anna I would be very pleased to read them.

    The address is moaningmary@live.co.uk

    Thanks again