Monday, 18 June 2012




If ,and I’m only saying “If”, but if I told you that I’d been reading a rather naughty book and well, it gave me all sorts of ideas that I couldn’t resist.


You know such as taking myself into town, and quietly having coffee, but sort of noticing that all sorts of unsuitable men were looking at me,


and well, as I’ve got such nice legs positioning myself so they were able to get a good look at them, all the way up to the top of my thighs including my stocking tops, just a little look , no more than that.

 And maybe a bit later, well I happened to wander round a bit and  found myself chatting to the odd man here or there, only the ones in the really expensive cars of course,


and they told me about this really interesting club in the middle of town. And well, purely out of curiosity you understand, later that night got a taxi to take me there,


And found that it was quite fun and , not wanting to be a spoilsport, got involved in playing a few games with the men there who all seemed to like me a lot ,


and, well, as the seemed to like me so much maybe getting a touch too affectionate when I was saying goodnight to them,


well, I mean, would you well want to punish me? I don’t know, maybe bend me over your desk and drag my knickers off ,

then throw me over your knee and spank me really hard on my bare bottom.

Or would you take your time over punishing me? Find ways of making me humiliate myself, like crawling round the floor and begging forgiveness,

Then make me strip off slowly so you could appreciate what all those lovely men were getting so excited about,

make me parade naked for your pleasure,

then maybe tie my hands so I was completely helpless and unable to stop you doing to me anything you wanted,

and only then make me submit to being spanked over your knee like a naughty girl,

or even, I don’t know why I’m suggesting this to you, give me a dose of the cane?

Because if that’s what you’d do, then I know exactly what I plan to do today!


  1. Oh definitely Elizabeth, you are a very naughty girl for even thinking of such things :)

  2. L

    yes very good, very naughty

    however, however one wonders - you, L, have a way of expressing alsorts (alsorts, liquorice allsorts or perhaps all sorts - ah i ramble)of ideas from inside the male perpective - how do you do it

    so i wondered, from A, and your other lady fans whether they really are 'triggered orf' by reading such questionable treatises (oh dear what's the plural- you see i cannot get my secretary/PA to edit this diversion of my life) from you and others eg., a rereading of 'The Story of 0' or gazing and allowing their imaginations wander over your sometimes dangerously, explicit illustrations

    come on, we chaps need to know


  3. Ah yes, Liz, the night at the club always seems to provide some reason for spanking when we get home. A little too flirty, heels too high, skirt too short, top too low, making men look at me (like I can help that). A night out does always seem to lead to some time spent over his lap. Odd that. ;)

    Oh yes indeed, J. While occasionally I like reading or watching the more "hardcore" adult material, the type that Liz consistently writes, is what I prefer to read.

    Her tales of strong, dominant men, seductive, naughty ladies, the dance of feigned reluctance combined with romantic and erotic discipline.. always with such imagination and humor and fantasy are very arousing and would otherwise lead to a session of self pleasuring.

    Fortunately, there is my boyfriend to provide the needed relief. When he gets home, Mike can always tell when I have spent some time reading Sexuelle (and it seems like I have hardly even started getting thru the back posts) and I end up spanked for some sort of "wanton behavior" before satisfying the passions that such further fuels ;)


  4. L

    i could not get to sleep and had to check again the London cab picture

    i do know something about these encounters and i just cannot work out the suspender configuration - explanation please


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