Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Just think......

If you take two girls with certain inclinations sharing a flat together, that’s fine. No possibility of tensions or problems. Why should there be? Without men to complicate their live, all is well.

But should those two girls, unused to the ways of men decide to also share the flat with two men, two men whose orientation is also towards their own kind, then who knows what complications could occur. For example if those girls are young and free and uninhibited, the sort who often forget to close the bathroom door as they quite enjoy flaunting their ripe and desirable bodies,

Then it could all start to get interesting.

And if one day, one of the girls should wander into one of the men’s rooms, quite by accident of course, she might find that the male anatomy, something previously unknown to her is a fascinating thing that she needs to examine quite closely.


 Not knowing that at that very moment her friend just happens to be looking through the keyhole, as you do,

leading to a bit of a problem between them ,

a problem that might start to get out of hand in interesting ways.

But if the men, sensitive and understanding as only men can be, decide to mediate , there is a good chance that it will all get sorted out,

And then they can all live happily ever after!

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  1. I agree, Liz.

    I am quite certain they will find all sorts of ways to work things out ;)

    amber xxx