Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A quiet evening in....

I could tell that l something was going to happen. There was the sort of strange tension in the air that I recognised and I suspected that he had plans for me. That being the case, I knew that what I had to do would be to play along and wait how it unfolded. Whatever it was, I would be happy to submit to it.

“Alison.” He said after a long silence. “We need to talk.”

“What is it, Sir? I answered, my heart pounding. “What is it you want of me?"

 “I need to know if you are wearing knickers.” He said, his face impossible to read. “I’ve heard that many young girls these days are going about their daily business quite naked under their clothing. It’s important for me to know that you are not such a girl.”

“But I am not such a girl, Sir.” I answered. “I do remember making a special point about of putting knickers on before I came here tonight. I know how you like everything to be right.”

“That’s good.” He answered, “But I still think it might be best if I check for my self. Would you oblige me by bending over that table.”

And I do so, finding it hard to breathe normally as in this submissive and available position I am opening myself up to so much he could choose to do. Carefully and slowly he slides up my dress till it is round my waist and then he takes his time to check if I really am wearing knickers as I had told him, the sort of checking that involves his hands and the sensitive tips of his fingers as well as his eyes and I find myself squirming and trying hard not to moan too loudly.

“You know,” He says, and I somehow guess what might be coming and my heart stops. “It might be best if for a little while at least we have your knickers where we can both see them and then it will remind us both how important it is that you must never forget to wear them.”

And as I stand there bent over in front of him and already moist with nervousness and anticipation he pulls my knickers down, then turns me round to face him.

“You appreciate that I am doing this for your own moral welfare.” He goes on , as if talking to a girl with her knickers round her ankles was quite normal. “Do you know the sort of wanton and wicked things that girls who don’t wear knickers get up to?”

And I spend a moment or two looking thoughtful before I answer.

“Could it be that maybe they do things like ….?” And I slip down to my knees and, opening the front of is trousers give a modest example of the sort of thing he might have in mind.

 “Exactly that.” He says his voice now thick and rasping as if he is undergoing some emotional strain.

For a while neither of us talk , both lost in our private worlds , but when I feel that I have taken my demonstration of wicked behaviour dangerously close to the point of no return, I release his quivering rod from my mouth and sit back and wait for his further instructions.

Not surprisingly it takes a moment before he speaks again. “And what do you think the punishment for such a girl should be, a girl who would behave in such a way?”

“I need to think, Sir.” I say, wondering if I have the courage to say out loud the incendiary words that are filling my head. “ Maybe the girl should be spanked in the old fashioned way. A sound over the knee spanking on her bare bottom.”

And then I kiss him, my arms round his neck like entwining snakes. “But no doubt you would have your own ideas.”

“I’m never short of ideas.” He says, and I know how true this is as otherwise I would not be with him. “And my idea is that you should be given a warning never to behave in such a way.”

And already he has me over his knee and I’ m alive with anticipation of what is to come. I am to be spanked , spanked just in case I should ever consider behaving in ways he would not approve of.

Like everything he does it is measured and considered. After a careful exploration of my upturned nakedness he proceeds to spank me soundly and thoroughly, taking his time to ensure that every inch of my naked bottom has received the benefit of his lesson,

progressively exposing me as my warning proceeds so I end up as naked as the very girls of whom he does not approve.

And when I feel that I will have to cry out, to call on him to show me mercy he does so, pausing and leaning down to whisper the question I knew he would ask. “And have you learned your lesson?”

“Oh yes, Sir!” I answer, breathless with stinging arousal. “You always teach me so well!”

 “I do hope so. “ He says and gathers me up to look me in my eye.

“And having learned your lesson, just what sort of things must you never do?”

And I smile back at him. “Many things, Sir. Let me undress you and I will show you as many of them I can think of……”


  1. An erotic account of a playful couple getting exactly what they both want ;)

    very hot, Liz

    amber xxx

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