Thursday, 28 June 2012

You would think.....

Ever since, well just about the beginning of everything, and of course the discovery of just how delicious their ripe young bottoms were, naughty girls and wanton women have had to put up with being spanked for their misbehaviour.

And if not actual misbehaviour, because for a lot of people the prospect of having a delicious bare bottomed young wench across the knee wriggling and gasping was just too irresistible.

Girls have been taken over the knee and spanked this way for hundreds of years,

by lovers ,

by husbands,

by irascible teachers

and frustrated parents,

not to mention masters,

and mistresses ,

and indeed anybody who could find a half way reasonable excuse.
Sometimes if she they were lucky, the unfortunate victims had at least the token protection of their panties, no more than the thinnest cotton or silk between their nakedness and the scourging hand.

More often that not they had to put up with the humiliation (Not to mention the additional sting factor!) of being spanked with their knickers pulled down,

and if their luck had deserted them completely, being stripped naked before their ordeal wasn’t unknown.

So you would think that by now, 2012 when I last looked but time does fly, that girls would have learned their lesson and stopped behaving like impudent little minxes and provocative little baggages,

But fortunately for all of us, it seems that they haven’t!


  1. And we're all quite pleased that such lovely ladies have continued to grace us over time over the knee to have maintained this fine tradition of pleasing the wicked desires of naughty devils! =;)

  2. Yes, that time honored position of an 'over the knee' spanking, given to a naughty woman, has been with us since the Garden of Eden, when Adam took Eve over his knee's for eating that forbidden apple. or so they say?.

  3. L

    now i wonder why that is - perhaps they HAVE learned their lessn and we, poor deluded fools, are being taken for a ride if not being downright exploited

    mm . . . we know now who is in charge - the strumpets

    it's so very useful in having Miss Elizabeth to expain things to us - not that she seems much better


  4. J, it has always been that way, It's just easier (and a bit of fun) to let you guys think you are in charge ;)

    If anything Liz, I think we have gotten even quite better at being the impudent minxes and provocative little baggages ;)

    amber xxx

  5. I agree amber , the ladies of the 21st century do appear to have got better at being naughty little baggages.Long may that tradition continue :)

  6. L

    oh you do have interesting correspondents, apart from their fascinating ideas and views there is the wondrous use of language as in recently from one known only as 'Amber'

    gotten, gotten as i suppose not in forgotten - makes one think

    see Elizabeth your fans do not just react lustily to your musings but we are forced to think - which makes me ponder as Amber clearly understands the score what things would be have like if Elizabeth and Amber had been my mistresses - ah, do not hyperventilate Amber, mistresses as in schoolmistresses - steady now


  7. I seem to have sparked something of a debate!

    Happy for you to discuss this amongst yourselves. It's quite nice for once being on the outside looking in!


  8. L

    oh dear, have we been 'evesdropped' upon

    mon dieu


    PS hey, did i get three kisses from Miss Amber - phwew

  9. J has a point about my bad grammar (or is grammar even the right word?).

    I guess I do make a mess of the English language at times... "gotten" , "well writ" , no doubt other countless examples I can't recall and maybe not even be aware of.

    It's a good thing for students that I will be teaching math.

    Maybe all these errors can be overlooked? After all if I was to be spanked for each time I butcher the language, I would spend more of the day horizontal than vertical!

    amber xxx

  10. A

    beutifully observed and expressed

    i have been thinking and had an idea to change my profile name from 'J' to '50 SHADES'

    then i was concerned Elzabeth would not recognise me - on reflection though i think she has my measure . . .


  11. beutifully, beutifully ? - what got in my mind, perhaps i was a little flusterd . . .