Monday, 11 June 2012

My last post- a confession

My postings come from all sorts of inspirations, a passing thought which then gains flesh as it incubates in my mind and then calls for finding appropriate images, or the opposite which is an image setting my thoughts on fire so I have to create a suitable narrative.

Some few days ago when looking for something else entirely I came across this image which appears towards the the end of my last posting.

I was so entranced by it that I knew I had to share it somehow, so the entire fantasy was created so I could have even the most flimsy of excuses to make it public. Something of a win win situation as the Americans say as you got the pleasure of bare breasts, full frontal nudity, erect young men, masturbation and ejaculation, plus a number of bare bottom spankings, in exchange for which I got to post my picture.

Funny old world, but would we have it any other way?


  1. Terrific fantasy story.


  2. I am just completely in awe (gobsmacked i think you guys say there?).

    Creating such an exciting adventure full of many erotic elements and scenes from just looking at a single picture! That is imagination that I simply could not even begin to understand. Absolutely amazing.

    amber xxx

    Oh, and I know this will be a tad dull, but, there is absolutely nothing going on with me and J aside from a common appreciation of your site and an admiration of your talent :)

  3. I just loved your fantasy story. Its really quite amazing what one picture can spark off in a very vivid imagination :)

  4. A

    thanks that should put them orf the track and we are clear . . .

    J >< (oops, that '><'was a bit unecceary and 'over the top' as you guys say, however no one will notice)

  5. L

    ah, on reflection this charming picture is quite appropriately Miss Bottom from that 'Midsummer Nights, thing

    what an intriguing mind, L, you have


  6. agh

    i begin to feel like a robot in encountering this publish code device you have adopted - it's proably not you but your 'it' team - i imagine a roomful of nymph assistants - all well disciplied and awaiting the next call 'Samantha, or whoever,to the naughty girl's room with you and select a number three from the wall rack' ah, one shivers


  7. I suspect the picture is taken from "Peau d'Âne" ("Donkeyskin"), a French movie directed by the late Jacques Demy, and --loosely-- based on one of Perrault's many tales ("Les Contes de Perrault")