Friday, 15 June 2012

The Misadventures of Melinda

Once upon a time (here we go again) there was a girl called Melinda who was young and sweet and pretty but rather like us was full of insecurities so didn’t believe she was.


That being the case, she never thought that she would ever find a young man who cared for her, and , as is the way with such people, tended to believe any advice given to her by any so called expert. She had a wicked aunt who was jealous of her, so when Melinda confessed that she thought she was unattractive and that no young man would ever be interested in her, her wicked aunt told her, all the while trying to keep a straight face,


that the best possible beauty treatment for both face and breasts was to have lots of sperm rubbed into them.

 And then she went of cackling to herself.

Melinda being a resourceful girl as well as very trusting, looked up sperm on Google and found out what this wonderful substance was and how it could be extracted and then went out and visited lots of cafes and bars and such places and asked the men she met if they would be prepared donate a portion of their sperm to her, promising that she would all the work necessary to extract it. Much too her surprise she found lots of men who were more than pleased to be of help a girl in such need,


and after a week of treating her face and her breasts this way she went to her aunt again to show the results. “Look,” She said. “It does seem to have worked!”


And there’s no doubt that she did look prettier than ever and that lots of young, and not so young , men had shown a lot of potential interest in her.

Despite the treatment she had recommended clearly having worked, her Aunt didn’t look that pleased.

Then she said that what really needed dealing with was Melinda’s bottom which she described in very unflattering terms, despite the fact that in fact it was cute and peachy and overwhelmingly kissable, and went on to say that the best possible treatment for an unattractive bottom like hers was for it to be regularly and soundly spanked. And then, with such a strange look on her face that anyone more experienced than Melinda would have recognised as malice, she went on to say that she had a few minutes to spare and that she was prepared to give her a first one then and there.

 “Thank you.” Melinda said, somewhat breathlessly as even as she said it her aunt was busy stripping her naked and pulling her over her knee.”That’s most kind of you.”


Kind! Hardly that! Her aunt spanked her till her arm ached in an effort to drive out her resentfulness for Melinda being so young and sweet and pretty, but Melinda believing that her Aunt was helping her uttered not a word of complaint.

But once that ordeal was over, Melinda had the problem of needing to find anyone who would be prepared to spank her. Being as I said before resourceful she looked up 'spanking' on Google to find endless entries , and after looking at good number of them she worked out that the best way to encourage a man to spank you was to dress up as a naughty schoolgirl,


to dress up as a very naughty schoolgirl,


to let it be seen, though not too obviously, that you had “accidentally” forgotten to put on any knickers ,


or generally pose or act in a way that, under a guise of innocence, was in fact very provocative.


To her great pleasure these devices worked far better than she had expected, and sometime two or three times a day she found her self thrown over some kind man’s knee, her panties lowered ,


and her bare bottom soundly spanked while she gasped and wriggled and squealed, but always pleased that her bottom was getting the treatment it needed.


Quite often as an additional bonus, and without even being asked, a number of the men, once they had finished spanking her had even gone as far as expelling their seed over her as well which she thought most kind of them.


Keen not to bother any one man too often, Melinda decided that maybe a hotel would be a good place to meet new men who might help her in this way so she took a taxi to Park Lane where there are a number of grand and imposing hotels. One called The Dorchester looked particularly attractive so she went in, then went upstairs and wandered about till she found an open door and went inside a large and luxurious room where she positioned herself on the bed in the sort of inviting and uncompromising position she had now learned made men keen to give you a good spanking.


Ten minutes later a man came in, and seeing Melinda on his bed , paused to introduce himself.


“Good afternoon.” He said, a smile on his face as he took in this pretty girl waiting in his room. “I rather think this is my room. Could it be that you have come in here by accident?”

 “Oh I’m so sorry!” Said Melinda who, having engineered several such situations by now was used to dealing with them. “I shouldn’t be here should I? What a naughty girl I am. I suppose you’ll want to spank me. I don’t mind, I know I deserve it.”

“Well, if you like.” Said the man. “If a spanking is what you want then I’m more than happy to give you one. To show there’s no hard feeling s though, why don’t I kiss you first?”

And he did just that and Melinda started to have strange lovely feelings as if little humming birds were flying round inside her, and when the man then took her across his knee and started to fondle her bottom she found she could hardly breath. “I suppose I’d better take your knickers down.” He said, then having done so drew in his breath. “My goodness!” He went on, now stroking Melinda’s bottom as if it were a piece of rare art which maybe it was. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a delicious bottom in my life. It’s truly perfect!”

“Oh good!” Said Melinda. “It’s worked then.”

And when the man asked what she meant she let it all out and explained all about the spankings and the spermings and everything her Aunt had told her.

“Hmm!” Said the man. “Well I’ve got certain I opinions about your aunt, but as every inch of you that I can see is so beautiful, well maybe ….. but then again…..”

And getting up he took his own clothes off,


and looking at him Melinda knew that she wanted to extract sperm from him in all the ways she had now learned and to be spanked by him and all sorts of other things she didn’t understand. (Her aunt had never mentioned fucking so she had no idea about that particular activity.)

“But then again,” The man went on, positioning Melinda on the bed in ways she didn’t understand but which set every part of her quivering.

“But then again,” He said for the third time, “The very best beauty treatment of all for a young girl is to have sperm injected into her.”

And that’s what he proceeded to do, taking his time of course and whispering lots of lovely things to Melinda as he did so.

Now I’m not saying that they lived happily ever after as ever after hasn’t happened yet, but certainly when I last checked they were still spending their every waking hour sperming and squirming and spanking and fucking and generally making each other moist which in the modern cynical world in which we all now live now is pretty good and certainly a lot better than watching game shows and reality TV.

And as for the wicked aunt, no one ever made her moist ever again, nor could she even make herself moist and so she dried up like an old leaf and eventually crumbled into dust.

And as I am fast running out of time, that had better be the end.(I'll think of a moral later!)

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  1. A fantastic story of erotic discoveries full of humor and adventure.

    And I think you may have something there.

    Forget mud baths, exfoliants, and other expensive treatments at the spa.

    Spanking and lots of sperm infusion is a hellova lot cheaper and loads more fun ;)

    amber xxx