Friday, 1 June 2012

Long Weekend

There’s a long weekend coming up, and if you are at all interested I have been roped in to appear in a play on the South Coast. My part is the younger daughter of a rather grand family, bespectacled quiet and bookish,

but who at the appropriate time flings of her glasses, undoes her hair and shows that the whole time underneath this quiet exterior she has actually been a smouldering sex bomb just waiting to get out.

No I don’t get to strip off but you get the idea. Why they chose me for this part I can’t imagine, but there you are.

 Not being a professional actress I am of course concerned about what the director might do to me round the back if I fluff my lines, but I’Il have to worry about that should it happen.

Anyway, all going well I will get some time to myself and if I am able to do a post or two I will try.

Leaving all that aside, whatever wickedness you are all up to this weekend, do enjoy it to the full, and I will look forward to making contact again next week. In the mean time, here’s few pretty bottoms for you to have some fantasies about!


  1. L

    oh, isn't she just smouldering and the spectacles too

    well i believe a damnd good thrasimg is called for to start with

    thank you Elizabeth - any thoughts Amber


  2. Liz,

    Terrific story and pix. Enjoy your long weekend.


  3. I hope i bump into your twin sister if you have one over the coming jubilee week. And what ever your week holds for you enjoy it.

    Correction Man.

  4. My thought is that the person who put Liz in that role is genius!

    I am pretty sure that in real life, should she appear bespectacled, quiet and bookish, there would not be too much surprise that she really is indeed the smouldering sex bomb ;)

    have fun and see you when you are done Liz

    amber xxx

  5. L

    you might like to explain to Amber that the expression over here of 'having been done' carries some questionably aspects certainly hardly applicable to well behaved and well brought up young gel like Elizabeth . . .