Monday, 3 September 2012


After that kiss, it would be reasonable to say that things started to move on a pace. Slightly drunk and more alive than I can ever remember feeling I got off his lap ready to party.

 “Well!” I called out to my assembled friends. “Isn’t some one going to get me a drink?” 

 “Err, Lucy…..” Someone muttered, “Don’t you think ……….”and pointed out what I knew anyway that my panties were half way down my thighs.

 “Oh yes!” I said brightly and stooped to pull them right off and threw them into the distance.

A roar went up and a tussle broke out as a group of the men started to fight for possession of my knickers, and simultaneously someone lowered the lights and turned up the music. 

Funny how many people, girls included, who want to dance with you when they know that underneath your shortest dress you don’t have any knickers on and you have a wild look in your eye.

In the darkness of the room I received endless offers to rub my bottom better and when the person offering was cute enough I allowed them to do so, and if having done so they wanted to give my breasts similar attention then why not?

I’d been soundly spanked on my bare bottom for being naughty, so all I was doing was squaring the circle and being as naughty as I could.

There was no sign of either John and Miranda and whether they had gone off together or separately I didn’t care. How I would feel about all this in the cold light of tomorrow I didn’t know, but right now I wanted to do was to make up for years of being too good and too well behaved. 

When Alan the Spankogram man (I finally found out his name) and I found ourselves dancing together it seemed only natural that when we were close to the door that lead to my bedroom we should slip through it and lock it behind us and start our own private party. 


“So….?” I said an hour or so later staring at the ceiling and feeling as replete as I ever had.

To start with all niceties had been forgotten in our urgency to get at each other and rip clothes off. Subtlety could come later; what I had wanted from Alan right then was to be fucked, and fucked I was with a hungry animal intensity which was everything my body craved.

That first hunger now assuaged I was at some temporary plateau of peace and needed to talk. What the guests were up to outside I couldn’t give a damn, and if my party had turned into an orgy then that was great.

“So this is what you do for a living is it Alan? Go to parties, take nice young girls across your knee for a spanking and then fuck them afterwards?”

He gave a rueful smile and I wanted him all over again but was temporarily too exhausted. “It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.” He paused then went on. “If you’re interested, fucking is not part of the job, but tonight seems to be something of an exception.” He took a draw from the cigarette we were sharing . “In fact fucking the party guests is strictly forbidden. The agency I work for is very ethical, and even though our job is to get everyone all excited and in the mood we are supposed to keep our hands our other bits well to ourselves. If you need to know, what I normally do is to have a couple of hand jobs before I set out to help reduce temptation, but tonight it didn’t work.”

I needed to know more and snuggle into him, quietly fondling his now flaccid penis in my hand. 

“So you know that it’s going to make you horny then?”

 “Of course. I’m only human.” 

 “Look, this is all new to me. You’ve no idea what a quiet and modest sex life I’ve had so far. I mean it’s true then that giving a girl a spanking does get men excited?” 

 He gave me a quiet kiss and in my hand his penis gave a little jerk. “Well sure as hell it gets me excited. There something about taking a sophisticated educated woman across your knee and telling he she’s going to have be spanked that’s a real turn on.

I can tell that some of the women really hate it and can barely pretend it’s just a big joke, but a good half of the women get turned on a well. I think it’s something to do with being reduced to no more than a naughty schoolgirl that does it.”

“How can I deny it? It certainly turned me on. Specially when you pulled my knickers down.”

He laughed. “I don’t normally do that, in fact like fucking the guests it’s an absolute No No, but I got a bit carried away. Anyway, when I report in tomorrow I’ll tell them and I’ll give my notice in. I was thinking of jacking it in anyway.” 

 “But Alan ….” 

 “It’s all right, this is not exactly my career. I’m studying to be a marine biologist and I’ve just been doing this for pin money.” 

 “But I mean, won’t you miss…?” 

 He leant over me, his eyes gleaming “Going out a couple of nights a week, identifying some poor unsuspecting girl and then taking her over my knee and spanking her? Maybe I will. To make up for it I’m just going to have to find a girl to spank somewhere else; some really naughty girl who seriously needs of regular spankings to keep her in order, but where could I possibly find a girl like that?” 

 Even as he spoke I could feel is cock beginning to swell and quiver and I twisted round and took it between my lips, then briefly released it.

“Well I know a very naughty girl called Lucy. She’s in danger of turning into an absolute slut and I think that being spanked at least three times a week is exactly what she needs.” 

 “Only three times?” He groaned as I took his rock hard length back in my mouth. “Somehow I don’t think that will be enough!”


  1. More like at least three times a day, morning, noon and night, that might do the trick for lovely Lucy and her lucky devil giving her loving over the knee spankings to save her. Of course that is just to have her saved for him; otherwise, the danger of becoming an absolute slut will overwhelm her with the desire to find more spanking devil lovers if he fails in satisfying her - I'll be waiting... =;)

  2. You are such a dirty old man! (And of course, I mean that as a compliment!)


  3. Thank you Liz, I resemble that remark! How did you know? Xoxo, Naughty Devil =;)

  4. A purrrfectly hot ending to a very very erotic story Liz.

    This is definitely my favorite, tho I still have many many back postings to go thru.

    amber xxx

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