Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I love this image as, being a romantic, I firmly believe that the real essence of seduction is subtlety. Of course there is a place in our sex lives for a blatant outfit or brazen conduct, but how nice when a word or touch can give off a hint of sexual promise as delicate as a distant whiff of perfume, the two of you then spending the evening glowing in pleasure as each tiny step takes you closer to that first soft kiss and the promise of everything it will lead to.

This girl's skirt is a tease, a flirtation in its own right. It's just short enough that when sitting down it becomes apparent that she is stockinged and suspendered underneath it, a hint of what pleasures she might just have to offer to the right man. And maybe, just maybe, that right man could be you!

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  1. Subtle schmuttle! You are a very bad little girl and you ought to be punished! Spanking would be a good start, but clearly you need more extensive discipline. Your boyfriend isn't doing his job. Liz you are such a cock teaser!