Monday, 6 December 2010

Red wine and jazz

Waiting for him, having a drink, listening to some blues.

He said on the phone he was going to spank me, though he was in quite a good mood about it. Apparently my dress was far too short at the cocktail party resulting in all the men trying to flirt with me. I think he actually was quite proud of me, but I’m not missing out on the spanking. I love it when he puts me over his knee, the sharp sting of his hand on my bare bottom, the feel of his growing excitement underneath me, and then the making up! Oh the wonderful making up.

I’ve already got my knickers off, just to show willing. He’ll like that, call me a provocative little minx and then give it to me.

I think it’s going to be a great evening!


  1. Bottoms up, Elizabeth, you naughty minx!


  2. L

    gosh what are those large plate like, black things on the floor - you are forever pushing our minds, teasing and puzzling us - as 'A'says above 'naughty minx'


  3. Those black round things? Don't ask me, J. I rely on you to know about everything.