Monday, 6 December 2010

Starting Out (Eight)

(New readers scroll back through parts one to seven)

And of course you have to share what’s been going on with you and your boss it with Isobel, so the next time you are with her, doing the things that you and Isobel do together, you give her all the details.

“I can’t believe it.” You say. “It only seems five minutes ago when my boss never touched me at all, then he started spanking me when I did things wrong and now he’s had sex with me, and clearly there’s going to be a lot more of that from now on.”

And then you look her at her way you do when you want something special to happen between you. “And of course you’ve been giving me spankings for a little while now when I’m naughty. All I’ve got to do now is to give my boyfriend an excuse to spank me, and I’ll have it all won’t I?” And you picture yourself across your boyfriend’s knee as he punishes you, knowing what it’s going to lead to.

And there's no doubt that you are feeling just a bit too pleased with yourself. Once you were new to all this, just a young girl starting out, and now you’re the girl who has it all. And if Isobel decides to give you a good spanking for being so conceited you don’t mind as you love it so much when she does as afterwards the sex between you is even better.

But instead of pulling you across her knee she looks at you seriously.

“Yes.” She says hesitantly. “Your boyfriend.“ I need to talk to you about your boyfriend.” And suddenly you know she’s going to tell you something you don’t want to hear.

“The thing is,” She says. “I saw him the other day and it was clear he had some idea of what was going on, so I tried to defend you and blamed myself for everything that had happened. ‘She’s young and inexperienced’ ”. I told him. “It was me who encouraged her to experiment with her sexuality. If you need to punish anybody, punish me.” And she looks you straight in the eye. ”And he did!”

“You don’t mean…….?” You say.

“Yes.” She says. “We went to his flat and he put me across is knee, pulled my panties down and spanked me till his arm ached.

“But of course …..” And her voice tails off so you demand to know the rest. “Well you know how excited men get when they've given you a spanking, and yes we did end up……..” And you don’t wait to hear as you can picture it all too clearly.

“Right!” You say, a new note of determination in your voice. “I know I’ve learned a lot recently, but there’s one experience I've still never had ….” And in a second you’ve got Isobel squealing and struggling across your knee. “Let me find out how exited giving a spanking makes me!”

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