Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Black tie spanking

If fortune decides that a man is going to put you across his knee, pull down your panties and soundly spank that juicy young bottom of yours, either because you’ve been asking for it, or because he simply feels like it as it’s going to make him even hornier than he is already (and very likely you in the process) then how nice if it’s the man in question is properly dressed in a dinner jacket and black tie.

Let's be honest about this. If a man is good looking and well made (sexy to you and me), he will look even sexier dressed like this, and, cutting to the chase, when it comes to your turn to start helping him out of his clothes, how nice that it’s such elegant clothes you’re removing.


  1. I love the white garter-belt and stockings that the naughty woman is wearing. A Black tie affair, with white underwear, goes well with a blushing red bare bottom. Would'nt you agree on that?.

  2. L

    well it is 'style' what more can one say

    the lady cannot see much now but the foreplay to the upending would add much frission

    i do wonder though in 'browsing' that the men in these situations look so unkept, baseball hats etc ugh - though perhaps i'm wrong - ladies do comment, do you prefer a chap who has a sense of occasion and sets out to chime to the care that you take in presentation or do you just prefer a smelly beast