Monday, 6 December 2010

And have you been a good girl...?

Love it or hate it Christmas is nearly here with all its joy and laughter, annoying relatives and disappointing presents.

Whichever camp you happen to be in, if you read this blog then I take it for granted that what you do enjoy is sex, erotica, and of course the thought of naughty girls getting their bare bottoms soundly spanked. That being the case, it’s quite likely that you have one or more significant others in your life with similar tastes. On that assumption, what more perfect present for yourself or a wicked loved one than a copy of my book, Educating Anna, the story of a girl’s sexual journey that started when her tutor spanked her and lead her, well you’ll have to find out.

Is this a blatant opportunist plug? Absolutely, but I’ve never pretended to be perfect!

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