Thursday, 9 December 2010

Preparing Madame

Yes I am, Sir. I'm getting Madam ready for you right now. Of course she's naked, Sir, just as you asked and I'm just putting on her blindfold. Will many of your friends be coming tonight, to enjoy her as well, or will it be just you this time?

I can tie her wrists to the chair if you'd like me to, but, if I might make so bold, Sir, there's greater possibilities with her if she's not just fixed to one object. I can leave the ties for you as usual, and then it up to you how you deal with things.

Join you at the end, Sir? Oh how kind of you! It would be a pleasure. Yes I am wearing stocking and those special panties you like under my dress, but I'll need to slip on some high heels as well.

No, Sir. I haven't been punished today. Not once. I was going to mention that.
And of course if you would like your friends to help, Sir ......

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