Thursday, 16 December 2010

Fantasy and the French Maid

In men's fantasy lives, or so it seems to me as a girl who enjoys pandering to them from time to time, it is apparent that three characters appear on a regular basis. The stalwarts of hot masturbatory nights and erotically charged evenings with a compliant partner seem to be either the naughty schoolgirl,

the chirpy secretary in need of regular spankings

and the French maid.

I'm going to concentrate on the French maid in this posting, but first I will consider the similarities between the three of them.

In our fantasy world they all wear dangerously short skirts with their panties barely out of sight so at any one time a sudden movement or reaching up results in an unintended visual treat. They all wear stockings and high heels that make the best of their short skirted legs, and additionally, but fundamental to the whole fantasy working, they are all subject to our authority. This means that when they make the sort of mistakes which in the real world would result in written warnings, and meetings with union representatives, in our fantasy these little minxes can simply be thrown across our the knee and soundly spanked with their knickers down.

What is so intriguing about this is not that we have such fantasies (confession time, I have them as well! ) it's that they are all based on a world and social order that was struggling to survive after the last war and gave out its last breath not long after the nineteen fifties.

If you don’t accept the above, will all of you who employ a live-in uniformed maid subject to your smallest whim raise your hands. Exactly! I don't either (more's the pity) but, Oh boy, how we live to think about the idea.

“Francois, my Brandy is not at room temperature and I'm going to make sure that from now on you never make such a mistake ever again. Come over here, but take your panties off first . That's right, you're going over my knee for a long and thorough spanking.”

But we can all dream! In our minds our maid is always young and pretty with kissable breasts and willowy legs. And her bottom! Oh that perfect little bottom of hers! And of course she's totally compliant and takes for granted that several times a day she will be across our knee with her panties down round her stocking tops while we spank her ripe little bottom in an effort to teach her the error of her ways.

And at bed time of course, well, never mind hot water bottles. What better way to warm the Master's bed than to lie on it wearing the other outfit he likes so much, her own pretty skin, naked and unadorned. If she’s lucky, really lucky, he may even allow her to stay for a little while and ease away the tensions and stiffness that have built up during the day.

Why weren't my parents filthy rich so I can have one?

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