Thursday, 2 December 2010


Many apologies but there is no time for a proper posting. On top of everything else I have to be away for a few days and there is not enough space to pull my thoughts together. Such a shame because as always , my brain is teeming with things to share with you.

Pending my return next week, here are a few random images for you to ponder over.


  1. L

    that first, black & white, really stylish and i thought a case of 'self-abuse' that would need dealing with and then in my befuddled, it's early and cold, i realised there were three hands - oh so good and so naughty, two to be dealt with - ho hum - you have done it again


  2. L

    those long elegant fingures are so damn' sexy that i keep thinking about them and returning
    but the bottom i thought that too is rather long - so i have resized the picture, now a pert, firm, perfection - however three sets of pudgy fingers
    so one takes one's choice - why can't one have everything


  3. But isn't that the whole point? If we could have everything we wouldn't need our imaginations or, God forbid, fantasy.

    Try and imagine life without fantasy, truly a dark place!