Thursday, 12 April 2012


Well, what have we here? A luscious young female perching on the stairs, ripe and voluptuous, her breasts full and inviting and the expression on her face hard to read. What else? Apart from those sheer stockings sexualising her sleek legs she’s completely naked, her body free and available for whatever might be visited on it’s bounty. She is as full of erotic promise as any dream on a hot summer night.

But what cannot be overlooked, indeed is likely to be the very thing that is arresting your attention is that she’s carrying a cane, thin and whippy and full of stinging promise. The question is. Who is it for? Is she it’s temporary custodian ready to hand it over to the man or woman who will be using it to castigate that delicious bare bottom of hers, or is it that she is its true guardian and will shortly be wielding it herself on some squealing victim, glorying in her power as that cane swishes and cuts. But of course, maybe it’s you she plans to use it on!

You decide. The answer to this riddle is deep in your own imaginations. Use them to the full won’t you. Don’t let me down .


  1. L

    yup - i had a look and gulp well who would have thought that would be possible

    so up those stairs we go

    sizzle, sizzle, sizzle . . .


  2. Oh Liz, I am sorry for any confusion.

    You see this is francesca. She is my birthday present from my boyfriend.

    He hired her from an agency to provide maid service for the day to do all the house chores so that I would not have any work to do. It just so happens that maids employed are spanked for mistakes, sloppiness and such.

    Why the poor girl was just about useless. It was not 10 minutes into work that she broke a glass and was over my lap.

    On the third such instance, I suspected that she may have been doing these things on purpose. Sure enough, she was squirming in a much more animated manner and my thigh was getting quite damp beneath her. I could not help myself and proceded to caress her very intimately as I continued to punish her.

    She then informed me that I had gone too far and that such touching was not allowed and unless I submitted to a spanking from her, why charges could be pressed.

    What choice did I have. I was made to strip and go straight over her naked lap for a good spanking. But, oh how nice it was. Feeling her soft skin beneath mine, the heat of the spanks as I squirmed. I could not help it and found myself writhing from the attention.

    But, then she noticed how moist and excited I was getting and started letting her fingers wander and getting quite err personal with her touches.

    No question about it. She needed spanking now for this.

    On and on, this went with us trading places and making each other sorer and hotter until we just had to quench our desires.

    Hours later, while we lay in bed satiated and napping, Mike came home from playing pool and drinking beer with his buddies to find the house still a mess and no dinner made.

    He declared that it was time for serious spankings for 2 very lazy and very very naughty girls!

    Was this what you meant about in my imagination Liz? Hopefully, I didn't let you done :) ;)

    xxx amber