Sunday, 15 April 2012

Your best friend is telling on you!

Shh! Sorry guys, but your secret is out, not that it was much of a secret anyway.

You see, we girls have heard it all before, dozens of times and there’s nothing original about it. It’s in dozens of books and comics from way back,

and certainly all those cheesy films from the forties and fifties where they find a flimsy excuse for some wriggling squealing girl to be given an on screen spanking.

How does it go? Oh yes,

“I’m only doing this for your own good.” Yeah, right! Or,

“It seems I have absolutely no choice but to put you across my knee……” And what’s that other one?

“If you’d been spanked as a child when you should have been, I wouldn’t be having to do this now.”

Yes, you all know what I’m talking about, the fiction that when a man, particularly a man of a certain generation, exposes a pretty young girl’s nether parts so he can give her a good spanking , he’s only doing it out of a deep seated sense of duty.

But why else would you? You are all sensible serious men with important things to think about, and quite frankly having to pull our knickers down, fondle our naked thighs and bottoms while you purr that regrettably we might have to be in this undignified position for quite some time, is frankly a bit of a nuisance for you.

But you see, you do give rather a lot away when, for example, you take us out specifically to buy a really short dress and then make us pose for you in it in our highest heels,

And then spank us for being provocative little madams.

And it was you who bought us that really horny underwear,

so why do you then spank us for dressing like whores when we put it on for you?

And why, having been told that regrettably we have to be spanked, is it necessary for us to go upstairs first and dress up as schoolgirls,

Making sure of course not to forget the stockings and high heels.

And strange that so often you insist that we have to wait for our punishment with our bare bottoms posed and out thrust at the most becoming angle.

But no more strange than finding that during those lascivious pauses you take to remind us what naughty little girls we are and that it’s only out of kindness that you’re not spanking us even harder , that you have been progressively stripping us so we often end up completely naked.

You see, the whole time your best friend has been giving you away! Inside your pants, and don’t be shocked that we know about this, but some of us got an A in Biology at a school, is something called a willy. (I think there is a Latin word for it, but I can’t remember it now.)

When you suddenly find yourself in the mood for some bedroom romps, however much you try and disguise it with your stern face and serious words, your willy is telling us everything we need to know by going all big and stiff and hard. Yes honestly! And when you’ve got us bent and bared to be spanked, time and again we can feel it pulsing and jerking against us.

And when you go all school masterish on us and tell us that no matter how reluctant you are to have to do it, but we simply have to be spanked and there’s no way round it,

the fact that your willy is straining with anticipation is so obvious to us, you might just as well have got it out and pointed it at us.

Yes, sorry to have to tell you but even on those occasions when we really deserve it, we know that you only spank us because it makes you horny. But the thing is, and this is another secret that everybody knows, is that of course we love it, at least quite lot of us do, and wouldn’t have you any other way!

And if a good hard spanking on our bare bottom,

is followed by a good hard, well you know what,

Then everybody is happy!

And now it’s time for my confession. As a female who enjoys occasional commerce with the cloven as well as the crested, yes sometimes I find that, reluctantly of course, I have no choice but to exercise a little discipline.

and of course I say exactly the same things that you men do on these occasions.

“So sorry, Wendy, but you understand I’m going to have to spank you. For your own good of course!” And it’s strange that I’m more likely to find it necessary to take Wendy or whoever over my knee when she just happens to be wearing something sweetly revealing ,

or even her old school uniform she conveniently remembered to pack that weekend.

But, sorry guys, being female I can get away with it because I don’t have an ever hungry cock (yes that’s the Latin word for it, I remember it now) getting big and stiff inside my silky panties and giving away all my secrets. My best friend simply weeps quietly with compassion for the poor half naked girl over my knee whose knickers I am gently pulling down.


  1. So, true, Liz.

    And I would not want it any other way. There is something very reassuring as well as satisfying and erotic about knowing and feeling the evidence that he is getting as turned on spanking me as I am being spanked by him.

    A sense that I, even tacitly, am giving back some of the pleasure is a turn on in itself that contributes to making the act of getting spanked even more arousing for me.

    Very well done again. I don't know why so many more people aren't leaving you comments, but, I will try to do so as often as able.

  2. L

    wow, that must have been a most restful and inspiring weekend - what an opus to greet us, your fans

    as ever thanks agan


  3. So glad I seem to be doing the right thing by you. Sometimes these days it's hard to find time to post at all, so when I do it's important that I manage to tickle people's interests .

    And as always, thanks for taking time to let me know what you think. All feed back is much appreciated.


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