Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Getting steamed up!

Sometimes on a really hot sunny day , its good to take a bath outside in the privacy of your garden, lathering away and thinking steamy thoughts of lovers and others, and maybe, just maybe, such a person might suddenly wander in through the garden gate and find you there, naked and soapy and as beautiful as he remembered you.

Well, as a well brought up girl with the lessons that aunty taught you about hospitality and sharing still firmly in your mind, it would only be polite to make him welcome and invite him in,

And being only human, and the both of you being full of the joys of the hot day and the pleasure at seeing each other after all this time, it’s quite possible that the two of you might get a little carried away and get more lathered up than you had intended.

Which is fine of course,

Unless your husband suddenly appears!

Should that be the case, then you may well have to take the consequences.

This of course could be a bit of a problem for you in the future as your husband might discover that spanking your wet soapy bottom is the best fun he’s had for a while and he’ll be looking for excuses to do it again.

But right now giving you a good spanking has put him in such a good mood that he’s prepared to be nice to you, and for example help you wash away all your earlier naughtiness ,

And in return, well what else could you possibly do but to repay the favour , washing certain bits of him so thoroughly that suddenly there is so much white foamy lather in the bath that well, the two of you might just have to rise off and start all over again!


  1. L

    ah, squeaky clean - delightful


  2. Naked and spanked outdoors. I loooove it.

    With our nearest neighbor almost a half mile away, we find ourselves able to have this often.

    While my sin would never be to be with another guy, he has no trouble finding other naughty things I have done (as I demonstrated in your "ambiguous" post ;) )