Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Pleasures

I hope you are l having good Easter. I’m pleased to say that I am. Easter has always been a favourite time for me, a simple break early in the year when nature in all it’s glory is still beginning to wake up.

Easter does not have to be about bunnies

or traditional religious practices.

Whether at home or away, Easter is a time to take it easy and have long self indulgent lie ins.

And if self indulgence becomes self pleasuring, then so much the better.

Easter is a time for simple out door pleasures,

And it’s important not to let things get on top of you,

Or to get too tied up with things

Maybe you should use it to catch up on friends you haven’t seen for a while and re-live some of those fun moments you used to have in the old days.

And if there is some lingering resentment for something that may have happened between you in the past,

This could be a time to forgive and forget.

Or in some cases, maybe not.

And of course, if there’s something that’s been on your conscience, maybe it’s time to show that you are truly contrite,

And be prepared to take the consequences, even if they might be a little painful.

And when it’s that time for simple innocent forgiveness and making up,

be careful to make sure you don’t hatch any eggs!


  1. Wish everyone shared your pleasure in simple things.

  2. L

    catching up after a while away again - ah, you are a good girl such a dilgent worker, again a wondrous chavarieri - so such a waste thrashing cancelled