Thursday, 12 April 2012

Naughty Girl

This is what you wanted isn’t it. I could tell from that look on your face earlier and the things you were saying. Said I’d been behaving like a naughty little girl and hinted that I needed to be punished. You didn’t actually say I deserved a good spanking but, I know that’s what you meant.

Well maybe you were right, so here I am in my old school uniform. You didn’t know I still had it did you? Of course at school I didn’t wear it with high heels, or with stockings. Yes that’s right, proper stockings with suspenders. I thought is was the least I could do. After all, if you’re going to have to make the effort to punish your naughty girl you deserve to get some pleasure out of it. Not that I’m suggesting that’s there could be anything remotely pleasurable for you in putting a young pretty girl across your knee , pulling up her skirt and giving her a good hard spanking.

Oh one small thing, I had to do al this in rather a hurry, and I may be wrong but I’m not sure if I had time to put on any knickers…..!

John..!!! John!!! OHHHHH…..!!!!!!!


  1. Just love such cute girls in short teasing pleated skirts! Love to take her over my knee to flip that teasing little skirt up and see what cute panties she has on today! Then it's time to play with her, softly run my fingers up between her silky legs, feeling her lacy little panties and getting her wet to hear her giggle and moan before her little spanking. Then it's time to slip my teasing naughty girl's panties down to start her spanking, softly at first and always slipping my fingers up between those silky legs after a few more spanks to check her wetness. Then when her gorgeous fanny has a beautiful blush, she needs to be caressed up her silky legs to her cute blushing fanny and kiss her sweet wetness for good measure before taking her to bed! That should teach my naughty girl to make a point to always wear teasing pleated skirts and high heels everyday - hope so! Love your site and naughty imagination Liz! Naughty devil =;)

  2. Wow! I seem to have made at least one reader happy. Let's hope I can keep it up.


  3. Of course for true happiness, spanking always needs to be connected with a lot of teasing, playfullness and loving affection before, during and especially after and oh yes Liz, you're doing a fine job keeping this naughty devil up, now look what happen! Alright babydoll, try to be a good girl and go put on your pretty little pleated mini skirt again then come bring that luscious fanny back here this instant young lady, I'm not through with you over my knee yet!!! We'll just have to keep this up then we'll both feel better! PS This naughty devil loves and needs a pretty mommy to take me over her silky knees too! Afterall what's fair is fair and naughty devils need to be cuddled too darling! =;)