Monday, 30 April 2012

Milk and Plain

Looking at the two girls here tells me so much about the whole concept of attraction and our different personal and amatory needs. Both girls are painfully pretty but so different. One is dark, her hair in simple self effacing plaits, the other has hair stolen from the head of a toddler, a swirling halo of sunlit gold. Which of them is the most beautiful, the most desirable? All a matter of personal taste of course.

They are both so very much how I picture the two main females in Educating Anna it is uncanny. Anna is dark haired and dark eyed, an exceptionally beautiful virgin of eighteen with a head full of unrealised sexual fantasies. A brief and unexpected spanking from her gorgeous but exasperated tutor lights an erotic fire, and after an interval she goads him into doing it again and after that there is no turning back. After an intense few weeks of punishment and pleasure she sets out on a journey to explore all aspects of her burning sexuality.

Having come into a significant inheritance, Anna employs ‘Mouse’ as her personal maid and companion. Blonde, slight, and luminously pretty, Mouse looks as sweet and innocent as a Bambi greeting card but there is more to her than meets the eye. And of course she readily accepts Anna’s house rules. No matter how relaxed and affectionate their working relationship might be, if mistakes are made, then punishment follows and of course the inevitable making up.

 In one of the chapters Anna plaits her hair just like the girl in this picture to protect it from the wind when setting out on a journey in an ancient and open Rolls Royce, but there are certain unexpected consequences. When a dangerously attractive older man meets with her he assumes that she is younger than she actually is which sets off a chain of events both punitive and pleasurable.

Looking at the two girls above has brought so much of it back to me I might well go and read it again!


  1. Liz,

    I remember the story very well, but will have to read it now with these two photos in mind.

    I think I have an idea of who I will envision as the dangerously attractive older man.


  2. From what I have had the time to read on your site, I just know that Educating Anna will be very imaginative, evocative, sexy, and so very well writ.

    We may not be able to spend the money now, but once I graduate and start teaching, your story will be one of the first things I get... along with some leather clothes I have been wanting, a lovely flogger with suede tails whose ends are shaped and colored like red roses, new computer and other things.

    So hopefully by mid September latest, I will be reading about Anna's sexy adventure.

    For now, I will read the "how do i love thee" post, or at least will a little later after lunch and a couple chores

    amber xxx

  3. My goodness, the two of you have got my imagination going. A dangerously attractive older man eh.Something I need to think about when I have a private moment.

    And Amber as a teacher! What an intriguing thought. I can feel a post coming on....