Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!

Chross Blogt, that Encyclopaedia Britannica of the smacked bottom was kind enough to give one of my recent postings a mention on Friday as a result of which between Friday and Sunday my blog got no less than 9, 750 page views. Whoopee Do and Goody Goody Gums Drops! What more could a girl ask for?

And with all these hood eyed connoisseurs of erudite erotica drooling over my naughty prose and naughtier pictures , what floods of pithy comments did I receive, what avalanches of Bon Mots and mini literary gems? Exactly none!

Now leaving aside the odd occasion when I might find it necessary to give one of my occasional female lovers the sort of modest lesson that is best administered across the knee, I’m not a girl who goes in for being any sort of Dominatrix, but unless a little more effort is made out there I might find I have to start changing my ways! Leaving aside my wonderful collection of discerning regulars, (This dos not apply to you) I have to say that a little more effort will have to be made or Elizabeth might just get cross with you.

And you wouldn’t want that, would you?


  1. Liz,

    It is probably because your erotic stories leaves us at a loss for words.

    Or we must dash to take a cold shower.


  2. Liz,

    Some things I had noticed about most blogs and commentors I had stopped visiting them and not just because of my now very very busy schedule.

    So many are written by actresses promoting their latest videos (interspersed with some personal musings so that the self-promotion is less blatant) whether it is one they went somewhere to do or one they are putting up on their own pay member website.

    So many comments on such blogs come from their customers or others who may have dreams of one day spanking such actress and in fact at some parties apparently some do get to.

    So many blogs are also just a "diary" of things that might normally be related to a therapist, or are just screaming out hey notice me, or are just reporting on the latest time they got spanked.

    Also so many blogs are interlinked with a slew of other blogs talking about each others blogs and giving each other this and that award.

    Yours is one of the most unique and I think very sexy out there in that you play out scenes so creatively with pictures and words that put a person in your photo story and I have a theory that the content and the way you present it, your blog appeals more to those that are enjoying spanking and spanking relationships in real life and to those that enjoy it for its sensuality and eroticism.

    Anyways, if I may just make one little suggestion. Make some sort of reply to all comments that you do receive, even if fully anonymous ones with no name given and others who comment regularly. It will show visitors that you are reading them and might provoke them to respond to a post that they particularly like and might otherwise have been too shy to respond to.

    Just my 9 cents worth (gave a lot more than the customary 2 :P ) .. I will leave comments when I can and when do so will try to make reflective of the appreciation to your work. And I so hope more do start leaving them as well.

    amber xxx

  3. As a regular reader of your blog Liz I would like to say that your efforts are not wasted.

    You have the best blog around, the words and pictures that you produce are really the best ever.

    Long may it continue :)

  4. L

    what more could a girl ask for - i'll tell yee, a damn'd good thrashing . . .


  5. L

    on the other hand, the thought of a visit from Miss Forster leaves one a little perplexed, conflicted and confused


  6. L

    also good for Ms Amber, american do you think,to take time for such a thoughtful reflection much echoed i'm sure by many of your fans,L,so others too could/should make their appreciation known

    also it gives you,L,inspiration as to our 'needs'


  7. yes Very Strict Mistress slut as to obey you at all times

  8. Thank you, thank you all my wonderful correspondents. Have so much to say to you all, but I'm running 45 minuts late for an appointment already!

    I promise I will go into more detail shortly, should be this weekend, and will do a posting addressed to or dedicated to you.

    And yes, the point is well taken that I should answer all comments and i really will try as i appreciate them so much. It's just that tgher are so many strings to my bow that at times I just dont know where I am.

    In a great rush,thank you again.


  9. Good lord Liz, I see what happens when I don't check this for a few days when away on business - thank you so much for your naughty pictures and naughtier imagination too! Your scorned woman is the perfect she devil to keep this naughty devil in line trying to please her taking turns on whose over whose knee between sessions of cuddling and caressing! Reminds me to keep my women furious with scorn more often....!!! Okay, now it's your turn over my knee, come here this instant babydoll!!! So your getting wet already? Well I'll just have to kiss that too along with your blush bottom to make it feel better too!!! xoxo naughty devil =;) PS Don't forget to find more lovely lasses bent over the knee with pleated mini skirts in all phases of being flipped up plus cute luscious fannies in ruffled panties are also a favorite too, naughty devils will be watching and smiling with their briefs getting tight and damp everywhere!!! =;)