Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Midsummer Nights Scream. Dedicated to my lovely correspondents (You know who you are, even if you’ve not been mentioned by name!

Once upon a time in the swirly early hours of a midsummer morning Elizabeth turned over in her bed her bed, happy and horny and full of the aftermath of last night’s wicked dreams, never realising what was in store for her.

Outside in that surrealistic hour that is neither night nor morning her correspondents were lying in wait, circling her house and looking for cracks and crevices where they could slide into her mind and carry her off.

“I think I can see lots of places we can get in.” Said Amber with the uncanny vision of the female of the species. "Through the keyhole, down the chimney, and even the cat flap. As long as we don’t make any noise.”

And that’s what they did, creeping up on Elizabeth as she lay there in her warm soft bed, drunk with sleep and her breasts still rosy from the kisses they had been given by last night’s lover.

“We’ve come to teach you a lesson!” They said in union, Amber pinning her to her tumbled sheets while the others watched, their loins twitching with the glowing anticipation of watching her get her just deserts.

“But who are you?” Elizabeth answered, trying to pull up the sheets so they could not see the unmistakable marks of her lover’s midnight attentions, nor that she could not fully shake off the squirmy and spermy mood she had woken with.

“We are your correspondents and your conscience.” They replied, stripping off the sheets to get a good look at the reality of her nakedness. “We have come to take you back to school to learn about good manners and the importance of writing thank you letters.”

“But I'm much to grown up for school!” Elizabeth answered, wondering why James was taking a photograph of her and Joey Red was gently stroking the tip of his exposed and very excited member.

“Never to old to learn!” Sir Stephen answered, flexing a long swishy cane as if he couldn’t wait for an excuse to use it. His words struck an immediate chord in Elizabeth’s brains as time and again in the past one or other of her lovers would say that to her, and then before she knew it, she would find her self over his knee with her knickers being dragged down.

 “But anyway,” She went on, determined to be brave even as one of them threw her over his shoulder and started to carry her out of the room,

“How can you get me to school in the middle of the night?”

“Easy!” They answered. “Through the doorway in our imaginations.” And seconds later Elizabeth found herself and her correspondents flying through time and space, their bodies weightless as they whirled and turned in the air, and moments later she landed in the admissions room of a school from long ago. Her correspondents could not be seen but she knew that they were there, watching her every move with gleeful anticipation She was surrounded with girls like her with packed suitcases, shiny and new and all dressed for their first day at school.

“What are you all doing here? ” Elizabeth asked and they told her that they were here to be taught a lesson. “Don’t think that you are the only girl they fantasise about Elizabeth. The things they have imagined for us you could scarcely believe.”

“Oh dear!” Said Elizabeth who had could believe it all to well. “I don’t like the sound of that. But why would my correspondents want to teach me a lesson? They love me, don’t they?"

 “You always hurt the one you love.” One of the girls answered. “Don’t you know anything.” Elizabeth did sort of know that, but she didn’t want to think about its implications too much. “You’d better go and see the Admissions Mistress.” They told her. “Or you’ll be in trouble.” So Elizabeth nervously knocked and on the door that they had pointed at and was called in.

“I’m Elizabeth.” She said. “But despite how I might look right now, I’m not a schoolgirl and I’m most certainly not blonde.”

“There’s one good way to check on that.” Said the mistress I want you to take all your clothes off.”

“But….” Elizabeth started to say, determined to keep her dignity, but it was already too late. Without taking off a single garment she was standing there completely naked and suddenly she knew that everything that happened here was controlled by the correspondents and she was at the beck and call of whatever they imagined for her.

“Hmm!” Said the Admissions Mistress administering a sharp slap to Elizabeth’s bottom for no other reason than she felt like it. “If you’ve got no pubic hair, how can I possibly tell if you are blonde or not. Off you go and see Matron. And don’t forget to put some clothes on first. Matron will make sure that you are in good health and of course check to see if you are a virgin.”

“But I’m not a schoolgirl!” Said Elizabeth “And I’m most certainly not ….” But the mistress just gave her another slap on the bottom so off she went to see Matron.

“Right. I’m in a bit of a hurry.” Said Matron. “So many girls to check out I’m running out of time . Those correspondents are keeping me very busy tonight, their imaginations are running riot. Let’s have a look at you shall we.” And then she pulled the hem of Elizabeth’s dress right up to her waist. “As I thought. Same as all those other young strumpets they’ve sent to me. Not wearing any knickers.” Elizabeth had dressed so quickly that somehow she had forgotten to put them on.

“The thing is…” She started to say, but Matron was already pulling her over knee. “You can guess what the punishment is for not wearing knickers can’t you.” Elizabeth didn’t have to guess as she was already in receipt of it, Matron’s big meaty hand was spanking her bare bottom with the unmistakable enthusiasm of the committed disciplinarian. Elizabeth struggled and wriggled but the correspondents had clearly determined that escape was impossible.

“You girls are all the same.” Matron said. “No knickers and no morals, and never remembering to send thank you notes. And I bet you’re not a virgin are you?”

“Of course I’m not,” Said Elizabeth wriggling like a fish and wondering how she had got herself to be in a situation like this. “But much more importantly I’m not a blonde ether. I wish you would all understand that!” But Matron only spanked her harder. “You’ve got to understand, the correspondents control everything , even your hair colour. If your lucky, in the next picture you might be dark.”

And across the ether Elizabeth heard the unmistakable growl of their satisfaction as they watched her soft vulnerable flesh go from pink to crimson under Matron’s hand. “Anyway.” Matron said “They want a change of tempo now. Off you go and check in with the Headmaster before the days lessons start. They really love it when the girls do that.

 “Good morning.” Said the Headmaster, his eyes glowering at Elizabeth across the room. “You’re Elizabeth aren’t you. I’ve always wanted to meet you in the flesh.” “Have you, Sir?” Said Elizabeth a little thrown by his appearance. “Somehow she had not expected a Headmaster to look like this. “You’re ….” “Naked?” Said the Headmaster. “That’s right. I like to be good and ready for any situation that might arise when you girls pay me a visit.”

“And ….” Elizabeth meant to say that he had an erection but she forgot herself “You’ve got a really big fat stiffy!” She wondered if she might ask if she could give him a helping hand with it but thought that that might get her into even more trouble.

 “Of course I’ve got a stiffy.” He said. “It’s the correspondent's fault. They love to imagine me giving all those naughty young girls they send to me a good long spanking over my knee, and as a result I end up like this. They all love the idea of you girls being sent to me to be punished.” And he paused, his eyes glowing and his member positively pulsing as he spoke. “Especially you, Elizabeth. Especially you. Right now they all have this picture in their minds of you dressed as you are now in a schoolgirl’s uniform pinned and helpless across my knee. I’ve pulled your knickers right off and I’m spanking you really hard and it really hurts. I want you to picture it too Elizabeth as I rather think it’s your destiny and it’s only a matter of time before it happens.”

And Elizabeth could see it in her mind and she could even feel his horny hand on her flesh as he spanked and spanked her naughtiness way. It was painful and humiliating, but she knew that deserved it for all the wicked thing she was always doing, and at least they had at last got her dark hair right.

Clearly the Headmaster had no problem visualising it too as his erection was even bigger than when she first walked in and she wondered if it was going to simply burst in it’s excitement.

“But what about Amber and all my other female correspondents?” Asked Elizabeth nervously, “I suppose…”

And suddenly as things do in the twilight world, the Headmaster had changed in front of her eyes and was now someone else entirely, a dominant female with needs of her own .

“They have fantasies too,” This person said. “Similar but not exactly the same. Some of them want to spank you,”

“Some of them want to watch you being spanked,”

 Some of them want to make love to you ,

“And of course a lot of them ………”

And suddenly the whole kaleidoscope of Elizabeth’s thoughts started to whirl together in her mind in a heady cocktail of sensory overload, her loins moistening as she tried to accommodate it all.

Being punished,

Being pleasured
Giving pleasure

and of course pleasuring herself which is what she found herself doing as she came awake in a fever of arousal.

“Hmm!” She thought as she snuggled into her sheets that were strangely sticky. “I hope they all come and visit me again tonight…..”


  1. Liz,

    You know we love you, and reading your hot prose with terrific photos excites and delights us.

    I could ramble on and on about how wonderfully erotic your stories are to read, but unfortunately it is so hard to type on a sticky keyboard. :)

    Big Hug,

  2. Oh, Liz

    What a positively lovely story full of fantasy, imagination, very sexy scenes, humor, and your own lovely personality.

    Day after day you tease our minds and libido with your super sexy photo stories.

    You set the poor guys to throbbing hungry erections and palms that itch to tend to some naughty girl in need of some discipline and you send us girls to moist squirming and a need to feel those palms stoking a fire of penitence and lust that only a good spanking can achieve.

    So it's only fair that now and again, we get to enter your own imagination and be a part of your own wanton and naughty desires and to have our way with you as our fantasies see fit ;)

    loved it!

    amber xxx

  3. Thank you in a very big way. I don't deserve you, but I will try and live up to your expectations.

    And if of course I don't, I know what the punishment is!


    1. Thank you Liz.

      As a blogger, I understand the effort it takes to post text and pictures the way you do, and with such frequency. I really do appreciate your posts as I am sure many viewers who do not comment do as well.


  4. Absolutely delightful Liz, that was so inventive, with such wonderful pictures as always

    So many things to choose from :) xx

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