Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spanking Elizabeth (She asked for it!)

I suppose that having expressed certain opinions in my last posting I will have to take the consequences. No doubt you are all feeling a little cross and resentful of Elizabeth. Maybe harbouring fantasies about getting your own back, punishing me for getting a bit above myself.

Maybe what you’d like to do is to take me off some where secret and private and teach me some manners in that old fashioned way that has never been improved on.

“You’re going to be spanked Elizabeth. Thoroughly spanked.” You tell me and then make me wait, bent over a table wondering just how sorry you are going to make me.
Or maybe you’d prefer to have me kneel on the bed, bottom up thrust and all ready for whatever you have in mind for me.
Maybe you might tether me on a chain so I know that escape is out of the question.
Or have me tied and blindfolded, not knowing just how many of you there are.
There will be no getting out of it. I’m going to be punished so I might as well accept the fact. Very soon you’ll have me across your knee,
My knickers humiliatingly pulled down while you spank some manners into the ungrateful little brat that Elizabeth seems to be turning into.
And of course you’ll take your time over it to ensure I really learn my lesson.

Glorying in at last having my young vulnerable bottom bare and helpless under your punishing hand.
Maybe while you’ve got the opportunity even giving me a dose of the cane which you know is my worst fear ,
Or even , having at lost got me helpless and at your mercy you might have something even more dreadful in mind for me…….
Dear me! I’ve just got to stop fantasising like this. I enjoy it far too much! ;


  1. Liz,

    Yes. All of the above.


  2. Oh,did I say you do a wonderful job? scrub that, you are a bad girl Elizabeth and thoroughly deserving of a sound spanking on your bare bottom :)

  3. J

    enough of this - it does not take much to 'get you started'

    you are enjoying this far too much - just click, click and away goes your imagination

    to the naughty girl's room with you - forthwith


  4. Oh hun, I promise no one resents you or is cross with you or thinks you ungrateful.

    Don't get me wrong. They do want to give you a nice long spanking in much if not all the manner you have described and I am sure they will make sure you are thoroughly spanked, indeed.

    It just will not be for the reasons you thought ;)

    amber xxx

  5. Whoops! For one reason or another, do I detect that you like the idea of me being given a spanking? A good thorough spanking with my knickers down? Maybe while people watch my humiliation?

    Hmm! Could it be that I deserve it? I'll have to think about that.


  6. Never commented before, but your blog is the only thing on the Internet totally in sync with my desires. Not too painful, erotic not pornographic, like a fine restaurant rather than a value ready meal. It takes me about 15 seconds to orgasm when reading your posts!

  7. My dear Emma, thank you, thank you! This is praise indeed, and every word exactly reflecting what I wanted my blog to be when I started it up. Using your own words, erotic without being pornograpic is my aim, and I have to confess to being obsessive about using images of appropriate quality. I would rather not post at all then use something tacky or plain nasty.

    So very glad I am making you happy, and the thought that I am responsible for at least some of your many orgasms gives me a nice warm feeling.

    Thank you again,