Thursday, 31 May 2012

Every picture tells a story (Two)

Making things even worse!

What does a girl have to do round her to get spanked?

Oh no! The shame of it! He’s got me over his knee, my skirt’s up and I’m about to be spanked in front of all of you AND HE’S WEARING A HAWAIIN SHIRT!

I get to spank you next, Mildred Watson, and I’M GOING TO TAKE YOUR KNICKERS RIGHT OFF!

I wasn’t THAT naughty!

And exactly what makes you think I’ve been reading Sexuelle?


  1. L

    er, round her what . . .


  2. Really cute picture, that first one. Looks like spanking that naughty young lady would be lots of fun.

  3. Very funny cute pics and captions for them Liz.

    Loved the second one and laughed at the hawaiin shirt one.

    amber xxx