Monday, 2 July 2012

Saturday Morning.....

“I suppose,” I said, my voice rueful, but not more than that. “I suppose I’ve just earned myself a spanking.” It didn't matter what I had done, merely its punitive implictions.

“I suppose you have.” He said kissing me. “A good thorough one.”
We were in bed. It was Saturday morning and all was well with the world. We were at that stage of our relationship where everything was wonderful and arousing and the thought of being upended and chastised had a certain deviant appeal.

“The big question,” He said, “Is shall spank you now and get it out of the way, or maybe leave it till the end of the day when we get back?” He was lying there naked and gorgeous and I visualised myself draped across his thighs while he administered what I deserved and a little thrill ran through me.

I had never once been spanked in my life and suddenly the thought of it seemed rather exciting. Judging from the fact that his cock had gone from somulent to upright and alert in a split second made me wonder if he found the idea exciting too.

“Well,” I said draping myself across him and curling my fingers round the bulbous tip of his manhood. “Maybe later.”

“That’s what I thought.” He answered his voice a little hoarse as it tended to be whenever I took his straining rod in my lips. “That will give you the whole day to think about it.”

 “Mmm!” I managed to say, my mouth temporarily engaged before I let go and continued my work with my fingers.” And all day we’ll both know that when we get back you’ll be spanking me over your knee. Spanking me with my knickers down while… ..”

But his bellow of satisfaction interrupted me as his creamy eruption shot into centre stage, splashing both of us with its urgency.

The Kings Road in Chelsea may have lots much of what made it so famous as a boho hangout for artists and writers, but even now it has a quality to it that holds it separate from other fashionable streets as if the ghosts of Oscar Wilde and Whistler still sit at the cafe tables and listen to the hot gossip of the day. We had just finished a delicious lunch of grilled seafood and more Muscadet than was good for us, and I was feeling all to pleased with myself,

conscious that I was young and desirable and that under the table Bill’s hand was feeling my thigh and that later on he would be feeling every inch of my nakedness spread out invitingly for him.

“I don’t know why you’re looking so pleased with yourself.” He said to me taking my hands in his and kissing he tips of my fingers. “You haven’t forgotten what I’m going to have to do when we get back.”

“Of course I haven’t.” I said, purring with a strange emotion I could not identify. I was wearing a summer dress, very light and form, fitting and in particular very short so I had to be careful how I sat so as not to show off my panties to the whole world. It had made me very conscious of what an exhibition I had been making of my bottom and thighs as I stilettoed the streets and I could picture myself over his knee in this very dress and knowing that when the moment came he would be getting a serious visual treat.

“You’re going to put your naughty girl across your knee and give her a proper old fashioned spanking.” And we were kissing now, not caring if people were looking at us or not.

“Tell me in detail.” He asked, “I want to hear you say it.”

“You’re going to put me over your knee,” I whispered. “Pull my dress up, pull my panties down and then spank and spank my bare bottom till I’ve learned my lesson.”

I was turning myself on with the thought of it, and as I was dangerously close to being drunk I positively liked the idea that people knew that in a few hours I was going to be across his knee like a naughty schoolgirl.

Just how close I was to being drunk became obvious when we were dealing with the bill and I could see that the waiter was having problems keeping his eyes off my legs which I had crossed for the sole reason of showing them off at their most inviting best.

“When Bill gets me home.” I told him, my eyes hooded with innuendo. “He’s going to give me a good spanking!”

The startled look on his face was acknowledgement enough, and Bill angrily pulled me to feet to get me away from further trouble.

“Come on you!” He hissed, all but dragging me off but I was not to be stopped, and when we paused to look in a window next to another café I found myself leaning down to the couple at the nearest table.

“I’ve been a very naughty girl.” I said in a loud stage whisper “And he’s going to spank me when we get home.”

Clearly the couple must have been in the same convivial mood as I was as they pointed out the spare chair at their table and positively begged Bill to spank me there and then in front of them.

It was all getting wonderfully out of hand and I was enjoying myself all too much, and when Bill summoned a taxi I was about to tell the driver the same thing but a hand over my mouth prevented me and steely look in Bill’s eye told me that he was taking over the initiative from this point.

“Three times round the block!” He told the driver. “I’ve got some business to transact with my girl friend.”

London taxi drivers have seen just about everything, but I rather doubt that this one had seen anything like what started to unfold in his rear view mirror as he started up towards Sloane Square. “Right you little brat!” Bill was muttering at me. “This is as well as and not instead of what you get when we get back!"

 And unceremoniously he pulled me over his knee, yanking my dress so far up my back is was hardly there. Suddenly what so far had been a bit of a joke was reality and wasn’t funny any more. I could feel Bill’s hand giving my upturned bottom a good feel and then the next thing my panties were being dragged down to my knees.

“No!” I started to scream. “No you can’t! Not here!”

“Can’t I?” He said through gritted teeth, his hand circling my bare flesh as if testing its suitability for what he was about to do. “Let’s see about that!”

And the hardest sharpest spank landed in the very middle of my bottom and I let out a scream of pure shock, now stone cold sober and all too aware of what I had let myself in for.

 “Please no!” I begged, but it was way too late, and as the prosperous and fashionable shop windows went by in a blur he set in to spank me in earnest.

This morning in the comfort of his bedroom the thought of being spanked was no more than mildly exciting, but now the reality was that it was both deeply humiliating and burningly painful as with an unbreakable rhythm he laid into my bottom, spank after spank searing its message into my crimson flesh that I had misbehaved and that now I was paying the price.

“I’m sorry!” I yelled out “I’m really sorry!” But it made no difference as he was on a mission to teach me a lesson I wouldn’t ever forget. I’m not sure he would have stopped at all but for the driver’s voice calling back to him.

“That’s three time round, Sir.”He said, his voice blank but his eyes burning with what he had just witnessed. “Do you want to leave it at that or do you think the young lady needs a bit more?”

“I think that will do for now, Bill answered. “I’ll finish off when we get home.”

And then to my horror and with the taxi driver implacably watching the whole thing he dragged my expensive silk panties right off me then gave them to the driver as a tip. “Come on you.” He said. “We’ve got some shopping to finish."

 The next couple of hours were probably the strangest I can ever remember. Bill was back to being his usual affectionate self, in fact he was being positively amorous, but what about me? Underneath my dress my bottom was crimson and throbbing from having been spanked, and of course it was completely naked. Earlier in the day my dress had been flirty and sexy if a little provocative, but I had been wearing panties then.

Now without the final backstop of their protection it was dangerously and ludicrously short and I lived in terror that should I reach or bend, worse still should there be a sudden gust of wind, my knickerless condition would be made all too plain to the incredulous eyes of all the world.

I was very different girl from the one at the café. Now I was sober and quiet and truly contrite, and all too aware how much I had deserved being punished in the way that I had been. But more than that, his words in the cab were still echoing rough my mind.

“This is as well as, not instead of, what you get when we get back!”

Another humiliating session across his knee was awaiting me at home, another session of having my bare bottom scourged and punished. But now it was different. Now I knew exactly what it would feel like, but the strange thing was, now I seriously wanted it. This time I would be sober and ready and this time I intended to appreciate its full erotic implications and I wanted both of us to enjoy it to the full.

“I know you’re going to spank me later.” I whispered in his ear as he discreetly explored my naked bottom under the hem of my dress and sending new thrills of anticipation through me. “And I know I deserve it.” Somehow we had found ourselves in the lingerie department of Harvey Nicholls, a sea of gossamer come ons and wispy pornography. “Is there anything you would particularly like me to wear for it, a see-through night dress, stockings and suspenders maybe? How about…..”


  1. Most of what you write Liz is usually very erotic, but,for some reason I found this story particularly hot.
    I think it may have been the part where she says to complete strangers she has been a naughty girl and is going to get spanked when she gets home. Or perhaps the bit where she is wearing a very short skirt in public without knickers.
    I haven't made my mind up yet. Whichever part it was that seemed to press my buttons, it was just great. xxx

  2. A most effective visual and mental naughty tease! Now my little strumpet, since you left us panty shopping, you're trying on all these nice little frilly flirty panties for me and will be spanked in each pair till we're both quite wet before being taken home for your promised spanking!!!! And tomorrow babydoll, we'll just need to go shopping again to make sure you have enough flirty short pleated skirts to go with all your new panties for every day of the week....!!!!
    An exhausted, wicked smiling and quite pleased naughty devil =;)

  3. Oh, Liz. This was so hot in so many ways.

    Going out on the town after having been told that a spanking is coming later. The suspense of knowing what will happen. Wondering if you are blushing at the thought and if people are noticing. His little reminders of what will happen when you get back that has you squirming in moist anticipation.

    How many times have we wanted to share the naughty secret with others without having to worry. What would they think? Would the girls wish they were the ones that will be having their lover spank them later that evening? The men wish it was them that would be taking us home and then over their lap?

    Then to be spanked bare in a cab with the driver watching and knowing what is happening, with any pedestrians or people in adjacent vehicles being able to see if they happen to look in the window. So deliciously humiliating and exciting at the same time!

    LOVED it!

    amber xxx

  4. Thank you all. I seem to have got this one right!

    I have to say, Sir Stephen, that your opening words, "Most of what you write is usualy erotic...." made my heart sink as I thought you were going on to say that this time I had failed. Thank heaven that in fact you did in fact like it.

    And Amber, you leave wonderful detailed comments that I am not always able to reply to, but don't stop. It's so good to be apreciated.

    I suspect that your boy friend is a very lucky man.


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