Thursday, 6 September 2012

And who would you like to spank?

My recent post on Parades End and the on screen threat to spank the delicious young Valentine Wannop made my ever fecund mind start to work on the question of, when we are watching something in the cinema or on TV, who is it who tends too make our minds wander in certain well trodden directions? Who is it we would most like to divest of both panties and dignity and have as a squealing prisoner across our knee while we spanked their upturned bare bottom?

What about Carey Mulligan to start with, overwhelmingly cute yet both distinctly sexual and also just the slightest bit irritating? A good choice I would have thought.

And than of course that disturbing little minx Christina Ricci who first appeared as a child actress in the Addams Family but who has since gone on to more grown up roles which sometime call for significant economy in the clothing department. 

Imagine that quietly sullen face of hers twisted in sneery distain as you pulled her panties down in readiness. “Spank me then! See if I care.” 

But of course we’ll never know.

And completely from left field, Romola Garrai, an actress with an impressively wide range of parts from the na├»ve younger sister in I Capture the Castle to a Victorian prostitute in "The Crimson Petal and the White” and with a trembling sexuality all of her own. Definitely someone whose still waters run deep, and who knows how she would react to such treatment?

And I can’t resist this one, Emma Watson, AKA Hermione Granger, the little swot in Harry Potter who has grown up before our eyes from cute little muggle to a fashion icon. Sorry Emma, much as I admire so much about you, as a special treat for Ron and Harry a public OTK is what you’ve earned from being just that bit too self consciously clever.

And, going back into the past, to an icon of purring sexuality like no other before or since. The young Brigitte Bardot, the original sex kitten who slithered onto the big screen in “And God Created Woman” in 1956 and who has had no equal since. 

In that film, the Curd Jurgens character tells her that if he were her boyfriend or father he would spank her, and such a shame that he wasn’t and such a shame that he didn’t as had that happened on screen, even today it would be eclipsing all else on You Tube.

But if I were limited to just one, it would have to be that spitting snarling Spanish hellcat, the unutterably delectable Penelope Cruz, if for no other reason that simply no one is entitled to be that beautiful. A scourging bare bottomed spanking on behalf of the entire sisterhood is the least she deserves for that, and what a joy it would be to quell her squirms and wriggles of protest as her wicked bottom crimsons under your hand.

Let me add that I know I did a posting on this very subject at least a year back which I have yet to look at.. When I finally track it down it will be interesting to compare my current list with whoever I chose then!


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