Monday, 17 September 2012

It was only a dream...

Mmm! Oh hi Alison. You’re awake too are you. I’ve just had the oddest dream, well not odd but really naughty. I think it was because I was reading that book you lent me. Yes, that one about sexual fetishes .

Look I know your going to want to spank me when I tell you about it , so do you want me over your knee now while I tell you . I thought you would . Yes that’s it….mmmm yes give my bottom a little stroke and I’ll tell you.

I was going to have a meal with a bunch of girls, all very simple and innocent, but when we were all sitting down, the person serving it was a young boy and he was completely naked. Yes honestly. What? Did he have a stiffy? I knew you’d want to know that! Don’t think so, well maybe just the first beginings of one.

Anyway none of the girls except me seemed to take any notice and I began to feel sorry for him, so I went into the kitchen to see if he needed any help. He was working away at the sink all by himself,

and so I just got stuck in and gave him a bit of a hand. No! Not that sort of a hand , well not to start with anyway. And of course I couldn’t help wondering if he was gay doing this sort of thing and so I thought I would find out and very subtly let my top fall open just a bit so he could get just a glimpse of….

OW!! That hurt!

OK, you’re right. I did allow him a bit more than a glimpse but he was rather cute and you know I swing both ways. Anyway he seemed to be looking at me and taking some interest so I went a bit further and well, I just gave his bottom a little kiss,

and yes, things did start to liven up in the lower regions and….Ouch! Yes I know I deserve it. Ow!!

You still want to hear the rest though don’t you. Thought you did! Anyway I gave him a bit of a fondle,

and he was nice to me in return,

…..yes the sort of thing you're doing to me now

…..that’s so nice…..and one thing led to another and ……kiss me again like that….and ….. then we were really fucking,

and it was really wonderful and I was all wet down there just the way you’re making me now,

… and I’ll tell you the rest later… Ahh!


  1. There is just something about a naked man that drives us to all sorts of brazen actions.

    If he is soft, we simply must do everything we can to make him rise to his full potential.

    If he is hard already, why we simply must ride or suck him til he becomes soft again.

    Why, what course of action can he possibly have but to spank for such wantoness and slutty behavior.... but of course that will only spur us on to repeat the whole cycle once more.. and that is just fine by us ;)

    amber xxx

  2. Nothing like a Monday good morning tease to start the week's worth of naughty spanking and other assorted wicked fantasies.... ....such nice pillow talk. =;)

  3. Such wanton behaviour amber :)......xx

  4. Seems to be our lot in life, Amber! We'll simply have to get on with it and not complain too much!