Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Can anyone help?

Can any of you help me with this film still? Regular readers of this blog know my parents were film buffs which meant that at an impressionable age I got to see quite a mixture of both classic and frankly rubbish cinema, some of which had a lasting impression on my emerging sexuality. 

 I well remember a scene in one otherwise innocent film where a man under what circumstances I cannot now remember starts to demonstrate to his secretary a medieval frame to which people would have been strapped, no doubt so all sorts of painful humiliations or worse could be visited on them. He persuades her to stand up against it, then, with her bemused consent, strap by strap he fixes her to it till she is helpless. He then goes about his business, chatting away all the time, but every time he passes he kisses her, and of course she is unable to stop him. 

 Confession time! I did not know why but I found this massively arousing and my stomach went all strange and liquid inside, and when I excused myself to go to the loo, I found the gusset of my panties positively wet. 

Strange that something so apparently innocent should have such an effect but it did. No doubt it was at least partially because I was at an age when the thought of being kissed was exciting in its own right, so being tethered and helpless so you couldn’t stop any passing man from doing it was off the scale. And of course I would have been all too aware that with your arms stretched up and out as hers were, well the man could do almost anything he wanted to you.  

The above underlines what I so often say that sexual arousal is something strange and personal and something we should not try to analyse too much. And, oh yes, said she jumping from one thing to another, this did become one of my early masturbation fantasies.

The thing is, for the life of me I don’t know what the film was called. I may even be wrong and the above still from another film entirely, but if any of you do know what it is and post me answer I would be eternally grateful.


  1. L

    it's the 30s or 40s - it may have been his hat that did it for you, really hats for men were de rigueur at the time, if unsure take a look at The Falcon black and white films - you may need smelling salts . . . (it was JFK who doomed hats)

    erm, to be practical - i too am intrigued, the old Betty Page flics featured such scenes but this essentially is quite innocent and yet there are undertones - so have you any idea where you got it from, as a reference to the 'properties' in a picture, before download, can give a clue Ms Sherlock


  2. There is a website that is supposed to be able to take an uploaded image and find wherever it appears on the internet.

    Perhaps if you upload this picture, one of the search results will give the name of the movie.

    The site is www.tiney.com

    amber xxx

  3. grrr even as i hit publish i realized i made a typo but of course it was too late

    the site is


  4. "I Cover the Waterfront" - 1933

    Here is a clip:



  5. Thank you all, but particularly Chross for giving me the link.

    Have watched it again and it brought back the same internal flutterings - clearly a conditioned reaction. There's something to be said for innocence, it sometimes hits the spot in ways that more blatent tnings fail.