Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Learning a lesson (Continued)

“I think,” He suddenly said landing a particularly stinging spank in what was now the very hottest part of my bottom, just where it met my upper thigh and curved into my sex “I think you may just have learned your lesson. What do you think?”

Yes. What did I think, inverted, exposed and on fire internally and externally from as sound a spanking as any girl had ever been given over her boss’s knee? “I think I have, Sir.” I managed to gasp, wondering why despite having just been through the most humiliating and painful experience of my life that there was such a sweetness inside me that I didn’t want anything to take away.

 “Good!” He said, but made no move to release me. “Maybe you should just stay there for a minute and ponder on what’s just happened and let the lesson sink in.”

 I was happy to do that, happy to let my body and mind marinade in the pleasurable pain that throbbed and glowed, particularly now he was circling his hand over my naked bottom and soothing it in ways that were all too arousing . I had behaved like a brat I had been punished for it and now it was all over and I could look forward to a new beginning, a new beginning that seemed to be full of such deliciously wicked thoughts and feelings I wasn’t sure how I was going to accommodate them. 

Gordon Huxley, the man who had just spanked me like a naughty little girl, was with his sub vampire looks strangely attractive, and right now I was supine across his knee with my knickers round my thighs and no doubt he was feasting is wolf’s eyes not merely on my scorched bottom but on that secret crevice that only my lovers got to see. I could only guess that he could not be completely free of the sort of thoughts that were flooding my brain right now. A second later that question was answered when his strokings changed direction and his finger tips slid further down the curve of my thigh till they were so close to touching me where I touch myself at night that I started to wriggle and squirm at the contact. Seconds later he had actually made the briefest penetration and I was unambiguously mewling with pleasure. Sadist that he clearly was he stopped as soon as he started and suddenly stood me up.

“Young lady,” He said, his mouth a sardonic smirk. “I was just testing to see if you were moist, and I find you were. I do hope you’re not the sort of girl who enjoys being spanked. You’re not are you?” 

 “No, Sir! No, Sir!” I exclaimed, so confused with all this I didn’t know where I was. “Of course not, Sir.” 

 “That’s good.” He said. “Because in my experience one spanking is never enough to really get a lesson across. I think a girl needs at least two or three to really gain any benefit. I think that a couple more, maybe in my flat this time, should do the trick. It’s just that if you were enjoying it , well, that would defeat the whole exercise wouldn’t it?”

 “Of course, Sir!” It wasn’t easy to say that as he had just pulled my knickers down to my ankles and had started kissing me, a strange thing to do for a man who was concerned if I might have enjoyed my punishment.

“And presumably,” I could see where this was going so decided to help it along. “When you spank me in your flat you would like me to be wearing stockings?”

“A very good idea!” He said, one hand now between my legs and the other on one of my breasts. “It’s important that girls are properly dressed on these occasions” 

 “Of course, Sir.” I went on, dropping to my knees in front of him.

“But one small thing. Apparently there are also some men who enjoy taking pretty young girls over their knee and spanking them with their knickers down. It’s just as well you’re not that sort of man.” And as I said it I took out his quivering member and examined it with care.

"Because if you were then it would be quite wrong of you to spank me again wouldn’t it?” 

I was going to say some more but being a properly brought up girl who was taught that it was wrong to speak with her mouth full I decided against it; and anyway, we seemed to have got to a point where further conversation wasn’t necessary.


  1. Ah, Liz.

    That so juicy fantasy every working girl (at least those with the more spicy adventurous inclinations) has had about her boss while either sitting at her desk or laying in bed going over the days events and thinking about "what if" and getting her hands busy before sleep.

    And one I am sure many a boss has had about a particular secretary/assistant that could benefit from some time over his lap.

    Wonderfully told in that so arousing way you have that makes us want to make this happen. Definitely another keeper to print out perhaps to leave out for the boyfriend to read ;)

    amber xxx

  2. Ahh! If only I could peep through your bedroom curtains occasionally, Amber, particularly after you've read my blog.I can't of course, but I can imagine.


  3. What a delicious story Liz, you have a wonderful imagination and long may it continue :)

  4. That is just wrong, in so many levels I can't fit them all here. Just one question, how does one get a job there?