Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pushing my luck!

Came across this, and immediately thought that this is what the inside of some of my regular correspondent’s head must look like.

 Apologies to you all if I’ve got it wrong!


  1. Actually that should be framed and hung over my fireplace! =;)


  2. L

    yes, actually, you are right on target

    as ever, rather disturbing you should have such insight


  3. L

    gawd, these 'i'm not a robot' tests one has to complete before being published are getting more obscure and frankly difficult - i had to take that last one three times - have you, Elizabeth, ever tried them - worse that the "11 plus"


  4. You made me laugh J, in sympathy mind you. I think I refresh the image at least 5 times until I find one that I think I can reproduce without mistakes.

    Liz, I have no doubt that similar images are in the minds.. That and thousands more like it I would bet too ;)

    amber xxx

  5. We have a lady come in a couple of times a week, she's very small and petite and I very often think that I would like to do this to her when her standards slip. If only she wore an outfit like in the picture rather than jeans ;-)

  6. :-) Femme and I had a weekend for ourselves...
    After dinner Femme went to surprise me
    with a nice dressing up...

    This all happened that evening
    so I admit, it was and still is
    in my mind, in a thousand variations

    Thanks for sharing
    and making me smile

    Regards, Monsieur Fessee