Friday, 7 September 2012

My last post

I actually found a spare five minutes to look for my previous posting on the  subject of who we might fantasize about spanking (October 2010; have I been blogging that long!) Check it out as it's interesting to see that three of the names are the same. At least  it shows  I'm consistent!

Would of course be interested to see who you would choose


  1. For doing the spanking, I really haven't had the wish to pursue that for very long and of course have been very busy with my classes, so I don't have a list of anyone famous or film/television persona.

    However, there is one young lady in one of my classes that is always interrupting my hot professor while he is trying to speak. Not that I am really hearing what he is saying but I am instead loving his French accent and daydreaming about his large hands and how he should really be putting me over his lap and giving me a good spanking for not paying attention. She needs a nice long time over my lap for disrupting my fantasies!

    My early and more intense moments of arousal at the thought of being spanked came from when I used to sneak down and watch tv after my parents went to bed. I was about 16 and there was a long cancelled (but still aired reruns) old show called The Big Valley. Oh were those 3 brothers so hot. Peter Breck, Lee Majors, and Richard Long. So strong, handsome, and macho cowboys. They had me squirming and so wet thinking of them "handling" me on their ranch. My fingers spent many a busy time before sleep with one of them starring in a fantasy.

    amber xxx

    1. I had meant to say that on this show there were many a time the villains had girls tied up with these guys coming to their rescue and there was many a threatened spanking of unruly girls that they were trying to protect and save. I had not thought of this show in a long time and got a bit errr distracted while I was remembering it and typing ;)

  2. Very busy, as always but I will try and look this up