Monday, 10 September 2012

Bunches- Girls only!

Look girls, this is strictly between ourselves, so if any men happen to be reading this, just go off and, I don’t know, check your stamp collection or tidy your sock drawer or whatever else you do when your alone. 

 Oh is that what you do! You dirty devils! 

 Anyway what I wanted to say to the girls is this. If you want guaranteed results with a man that you’re already with, or to ensure that some gorgeous stranger finds an excuse to start talking to you, forget the plunging neckline

or even a flirty glimpse of stocking top,

effective though these can be. No, for cast iron fail safe results, simply put your hair in bunches or plaits and the job is done.

There’s some thing about this that men simply can’t resist, and its almost certainly something to do with men enjoying that fiction that they are in control. (If only they knew!) With your hair in bunches you are saying, “I’m not a high flying International woman who will be a challenge to you, I’m simply a little girl who needs taking home and looking after.”

And if some kind sweet man does look after you, well you’re so happy to show your appreciation in all sorts of surprisingly grown up ways.

And of course if you organise it that a man comes across you when maybe you really are in need of help, for example some nasty person has just stolen your panties,

well, how can any man not rise to the occasion?

Naturally, presenting ourselves as a helpless little girl has its consequences,

but none that we wouldn’t be delighted to accept. The man who finds himself our protector has a duty to keep us in order, and as there are some lessons that have to be learned across his knee, well it’s all part of the deal.

And if for a while he decides to take absolute control of us, then we must simply enjoy the experience.

And for those of us who prefer to spend our bedroom time with one of our own kind, the same rules still apply. Putting your hair in bunches might mean a having to endure a short sharp session across her knee, but as that will almost will inevitably lead to a long lingering session across her bed, where’s the problem?

A man friend of mine who is otherwise very straight in the bedroom department has admitted to me that when I put my hair in bunches it brings out tendencies in him that he was scarcely aware of , which fortunately we both benefit from, but maybe it’s best if I don’t go into too much detail about that.

Certainly, if you are the sort of girl who likes to indulge in classroom games, just by putting your hair in bunches should be enough to let him know that’s the sort of mood you are in.

OK, you’re almost certainly going to end up with a soundly spanked bottom, but that’s half the fun and by no means the end of the story.

Utilising the same sort of psychology, two female friends of mine who are doctors never admit that when talking to men at parties as they always find it’s a turn off. They both pretend that they are nurses which nearly always gets them far better results.

 Exactly what those results are I’m always far too tactful to ask!

Anyway I’m sure you’re all getting the picture, so try it out and see just how well it works, though I somehow suspect that a lot of you knew all this anyway. 

 And as that’s more or less all I want to say, all you men can come back now. What have we been talking about while you were away? Knitting patterns, what else?


  1. Girls with hair bunches do have their moments to be sure, however, girls with stocking tops and short skirts do have the advantage, well, they do in my world anyway, but knowing me as you do Liz, you already knew that. Some men are so easily pleased :)

  2. Of course naughty devils can't resist the innocent babydoll look nor resist the urge to tease by hiding your stolen panties too! =;)

  3. I think you are right about there just being something about those hairstyles, Liz but thick hair about 2/3 down my back, it just isn't a practical option for me to test it.

    Also guaranteed for some attention and fun, is a maid outfit. Wearing that will get you bent over for one purpose or another in practically no time ;)

    With halloween fast approaching, it is the time when you can dress as provocatively as possible in whatever outfits you wish and it is quite accepted. Naughty maids and nurses are most popular and it is no wonder given the affect it has on the gentlemen giving them all sorts of ideas of ways they need to address such attire and behavior ;)

    amber xxx

  4. Maids and nurses! Hmm. I'll have to see what I can do with that!


  5. Both can be a true pleasure, wearing stockings and a stylish glamorous outfit, as well as my hair in bunches, with or without a nice little skirt.

    Thank you for this nice and inspiring blog.

    Femme Fessee