Monday, 9 August 2010

Bed time spanking.

Other then the fact that I don't wear pajamas, this reminds me of a period with a certain boyfriend of mine from a few years ago. All punishments were saved till bed time, so whatever was going on during the day I carried it out with the spectre of a soundly spanked bottom hanging over me. This could be quite fun if it was something unimportant, less so if he really was angry and I knew I would have to try and sleep with my bottom on fire.

The upside of course was that that after he’d decided I’d been punished enough he had the pleasure of a freshly spanked and anxious to please Elizabeth in his bed, and in turn I would have my sexual needs serviced and satisfied by a man with the extra power and potency they always have after giving the woman in their life a well deserved spanking.

Happy days!


  1. Liz

    such a delight that you are back - my main 'fix' is 'au fils de jour'of course but you are now essential - so je suis desolate when you left us
    however you kindly left a link 'barely pink' what i intially thought was this, some backpacker who likes to camp mm . . . no - but then i followed through and then to the links - oh, the slut . . . how delicious -

    Liz thanks for that contact a wealth of threads followed

    back to the black and white cartoon - another delight - sometimes with idiomatic french not too easy however the essence is 'i'm not going to delay to deal with you with your dress up and how much will be necessay to attend to your deadly sins/naughtiness

    'snif snif' is obvious but i am stumped though by the 'ciaf ciaf' something rather like the french use of 'bof' perhaps whilst slapping ones forehead meaning 'whatever' but 'ciaf' i just do not know - i wondered whether it was italian, maghella you know but . . .

    well 'whatever' welcome back


  2. Glad to know people are happy to check me out again.

    Your translation was more or less what I had worked out, and I suspect that 'ciaf' is something like slap. Whatever it is, she was gettting a lot of them!