Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The lovely Madeline Smith

A number of you were entranced by my picture of Madeline Smith a few postings ago, and I can certainly understand why. She had the perfect mixture of overwhelming prettiness with her big open eyes, full beautiful breasts she was prepared to give us rationed glimpses of from time to time, and the gift of always looking and sounding totally innocent, particularly at those moments when misadventure or the wicked schemes of lascivious men resulted in her total or partial undress.

Regrettably, for you, me, and possibly even her (how do I know what she was in to ), never once on film or on television was she given a spanking. That is such a shame as I can’t think of any actress better suited to find herself unwittingly across the knee of some aristocratic bounder gleefully lowering her knickers in readiness to punish her pretty young bottom.

"But, Sir Roger!" I can hear her breathy voice saying as her huge eyes open in disbelief. "Surely your not going to SPANK me !!"

As people often say at the passing of some great elder statesmen, we shall not see her like again.

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